Budget-Tel Hell

We were too stoned to get home, so
we checked into the local Budget-Tel, room 13.
The guy was pissed we woke him up
and he gave us a crappy room with a tv with a busted screen.

My old man said I made him mad like always,
and swung the towel bar at me so I called my friend
Dotty to come get high with us cos the stupid fuck might really kill me
once he finds out I took 20 dollars from the glove box in his pickup truck.

Well, Dotty came and dumbass didn't want to give her any dope
but I kicked his shin and told him not to be such a dickhead for once
and he slugged me but not too hard while Dotty went in his pocket for the bag.
How does a guy like me--says dumbass--end up in a Budget-tel with you two cunts?

I got right and was wondering crazy shit like would the bedspread burn
and I held my lighter to it but it only smoked a little bit. 
Dotty said Jesus what an ugly picture but when dumbass threw the lamp at my head
it smashed the frame and Dotty said it's an improvement. What ugly shit!

I fell asleep but dumbass kicked me off the bed and said where's my twenty?
so I bit his leg and he yelled and lost his balance and fell through the fucking window
so somebody called the cops and Dotty booked and there I was
high as fuck and under arrest at the stupid Budget-Tel, now ain't that just my luck?

for Artistic Impressions With Margaret--Alcohol Inks




Sioux Roslawski said…
Really? The Tom Jones version? That's a cover I've never heard.

Oh, this post brought back memories of a$$holes I've been involved with. Good times...

tonispencer said…
Oh how funny Shay. I loved this torrid tale of madness and mayhem. This does NOT remind me of anyone I have ever been with, being a wise and discerning woman. But calling up a friend to get high does. The Tom Jones sing is sheer perfection. Girl, you make me laugh in the best way

Sherry Blue Sky said…
My point, exactly, that you can look at a floral image and come up with a tale like that. It DOES remind me of bedspreads in cheap motels, but maybe i shouldnt say that out loud. Regardless, you slay me.
This is too likely to be true for somebody, so it's kind of stomach-turning to read. That being said, Stanza 4 is written in a voice I've devoured many times in books. I would thoroughly enjoy all the characters fully fleshed out, Stephen King style.
brudberg said…
I do remember motel rooms like this... maybe I was the guest coming to stay the night after or the neighboring room...

Are there hourly rates as well?
Susie Clevenger said…
Damn what a story... It seemed the actions matched the ugly decor. lol
Margaret said…
Cheap hotels, awful decor. This does look like a bedspread in one - you are so good with creating characters - You must have a thousand "mini" chapters that could slip right into a novel!