Song of the Silly Girl

"Be Free" by the sensational Magic Love Crow
I fall into a tree when gravity
reverses itself--
natural laws turn fickle 
this time of year
don't you find?

I am become trinket for my
heart's desire, Sir Crow.
He knows me--
the wench who nests in fourwalls
and sings, albeit badly.

As stunned as I am to have fallen up,
so is my Love taken aback
and gobsmacked
at the ridiculous endearments I spout in his direction,
and fresh
as spring leaves.

for Sunday Muse #45


annell4 said…
A perfect poem for this time of year!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
How I love this! "Natural laws turn fickle this time of year don't you find?" Love the nesting in fourwalls and singing "albeit badly". Me, too.
tonispencer said…
Oh fren. I am so glad to see you posting today. I totally get this poem. I frequently fall upside down and love the corvids.
"the ridiculous endearments I spout in his direction,
and fresh
as spring leaves...." the truth of these lines are clear as the blue sky today.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Sometimes to see things more clearly, you must fall and look up. So many wonderful words and lines in this Shay. I am with you and Sherry, singing "albeit badly" me three. :-))
It exercised my chuckle muscle. I love the wit, punctuated with fascinating lines of poetry. Sir Crow must be a very confused gentlebird . . lol Nuce to meet you, Shay, if I may . . :)
Anonymous said…
Love, what a many splendored thing!
Magaly Guerrero said…
I just saw a mind-image of Love smacking her own forehead while rolling her eyes, and thinking, I can't believe you said that.
rallentanda said…
It's climate change. All the weather patterns have gone beserk.
Anmol (HA) said…
Ah, this gravity-reversal and falling upwards create an evocative tone of being out of touch of those concrete realities — all the laws and norms that we have relied upon coming to naught when we are under such a spell. Such a clever write! I loved it.
Vicki said…
Love the write and how you went with the prompt.
robkistner said…
That lighter than air sensation must make you romantic Fireblossom. Old crow doesn’t like your siging? Ask him if he hs ever heard what he sounds like... :-)
Susie Clevenger said…
Love your silly girl songs. Spring is the perfect time for writing and singing them. Hope blooms in tulips.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I am really captured by the voice of this poem.. There is something wise, yet hopeful in the tone, self-knowledge and acceptance is there too. I find it most touching.
You saw so much in this artwork. Love the tone of this, and the direction you took.
grapeling said…
you are just brilliant, Shay ~
Magic Love Crow said…
I am honoured you are showing my art, with your words! Thank you! You are truly an amazing writer!