The Next Voice You Hear

please stick to relevant things--
the throes of nature,
the hilarious pratfalls of modern love, or
figures of worship in their august magnificence.

Stop this foolishness about hair styles,
and what your husband does in his garage--
the world is filled with such horrors already.

Commune with your higher self,
fast, clear your mind and physical body,
then return to us and to your postings.

Tell us about your ex-convict grandfather
and the spotlight he keeps in the attic.
Give us stuff that works at the box office,
such as your journey from Jenny Craig to heroin and cult religion.

Reveal to us your unabashed embrace
of outre philosophies garnered from the complex and authentic human being you met at the bus stop.

In summary, cut the crap and give us
your True Self
in all of her shadows and lights.
Give us the hagiographic treatment, 
the old college try,
Pose for a picture holding a French visa open to show your patronymic name.

Otherwise, we unsubscribe
and banish you to a wilderness where only dumb animals and cosplay Vikings can survive in the late-winter rot of your usual content.



from a word list for post #3 of my 39 in 39 days.


. said…
Well, obviously the second stanza is more my kind of vibe, so I’d enjoy the poster as-is. The third is not at all my bag. Four and five really spoke to me. I’ll be pondering that — in fact, that bus stop thing reminded me of Brian and all the stranger-encounters he used to write about with so much heart, wisdom, and depth.

Six and seven are a total turn-off; you can’t demand someone’s true self. It’s an accidental gift that falls off their tongue and into your lap when you had no idea it would be exactly what you needed. That’s what sears the experience into memory — the rarity of it all.

Awesome piece. Love what you did with the list. The Jenny Craig bit and the phrase “embrace
of outre” are my faves. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s poem. <3

P.S. I miss the era of posters on the wall. New Kids on the Block and Tiffany for me. :)
qbit said…
"your journey from Jenny Craig to heroin and cult religion". I... can't... I just love that so much. And you may have posted the world's only poem with the word "hagiographic" in it.
. said…
Here, Q; write for it:
Sherry Blue Sky said…
In my dotage, I cant possibly measure up. LOL. Other than in the hagiographic department. Will have to continue being my dizzy, bemused Self. You are SUCH A HOOT.
Fireblossom said…
You gals are taking it so personally! It's just what I was able to do with the list. It's just a poem.
qbit said…
Drumming my fingers waiting for new post, I just had to quote this:

"hair styles, haiku, and what your husband does in his garage--
the world is filled with such horrors already."

Carrie Van Horn said…
That's why Jerry Springer always had such great ratings. We like the drama! You always make us see something from a deeper angle Shay! This is brilliant!!