Make Me An Instrument Of Thy Paws

the dog
the sign
that says
not to trot
in wet cement.

his print 
is perfect
though his 
are funky.
i shout
at the magnificent

for day 2 of Play It Again.
"street poetry"

for day 11 of my 39 poems in 39 days.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my God. Just the TITLE made me so happy! How I would ADORE sidewalk with pawprints on it. I love this to the moon and back.
Mama Zen said…
I adore this. It made me smile. What would we do without our dogs?
De Jackson said…
Had me at the title. TOTALLY. Swoon.
hedgewitch said…
"his print is perfect though his feet are funky.." Yer killin me here, girl. I love the jaunty shape of this too, suggesting the cement tracks. Lots of fun, and proof that poetry is where you find it--poets, too.
. said…
I love how you homophoned in the title — paws/pause — like his frozen print itself is a poem. <3
Susie Clevenger said…
Love it...A poet of paws and tails. :)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Perfection....paws marked in cement are true poetry!!!love it Shay
Sioux Roslawski said…
If we had a dog running the country right now, think of how much better off we'd be.
Just what we all needed to read! Lovely, and thank you.
Kim M. Russell said…
I adore the title and your poem has made me smile, Shay. A dog with funky feet! A magnificent mutt indeed!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh that poetry could always be as perfect!
WildChild47 said…
Dogs just rock it for their canine sensibilities - the world's rules be damned! LOL - Great fun for the poetic amusement Shay :)
Helen said…
Oops should not have been so glib asking how you were going to top the hair wax poem .... this comes quite close. Woof.
Kenia Santos said…
Dogs are sovereigns of their own kingdoms, aren't they? This is such a beautiful ode to their indisputable freedom. ❤
qbit said…
i shout
at the magnificent

Yes! So good.