Reader Robert demands pictures of the dogs! Indeed, they are more interesting than I shall ever be, and are worshiped as deities around here! So, without further ado, Bosco the border collie and Queen Molly the sheltie mix!


Maude Lynn said…
Awwww! What cute deities!
Jannie Funster said…
Gorgeous creatures!!

(Happy Nude Year!)

PS Yes, you can add me.
Vodka Mom said…
omg they are adorable!! (Yeah, I'm a dog person. No I did NOT say I was a DOG.)
Fireblossom said…
They thank you all for your kind comments!

Bosco says, "WOW! Peeple! we ROCK, we r on Mom's blog!!!! Peeple LIKE US! Woohoo!!! Maybe we wil get PIZZA!"

Molly says, "Tsk. What a child." (but she looks pleased, too. ;-)
Scarlet said…
Cute pups. I like Bosco's attitude! :)

Hope 2009 treats you well...and that the three of you are worshipped like deities.
Shark Butt said…
Hi Bosco, how you teef? Me never realized that we look kind of alike befor. how cool that?
have a happy day, your friend, sharkbutt
Helen T said…
They're so cute and precious, bless them

*Tosses each of them a bone in ham and gives a ruffle*
Anonymous said…
Ahh, so saWHeeet!!

Happy New Year!
Fireblossom said…
Dis here iz Bosco! Scarlet, me glad you like me altitude, eben if me not shore wut that is. Happy 2009 to you too!

Hi Sharkbutt! Me teef gud, how you teef? Yaz, we look simalur. Me think we related somehow eben tho me a dog and you a cat!

oOo Auntie 'elen wif bone hams for us! Woohoooooooo! wag wag wag

Fank u, kimmirich, Happy noo year to you too! Arf!
Anonymous said…
Wow! You have some high energy breeds there!!

Have you read the Jon Katz books about his border collies? Love them!!!!!!
Fireblossom said…
YES! I read "A Good Dog", and enjoyed it tremendously, but the ending was so sad!!!

Yes, Bosco never stops! he is such a joy. Queen Molly is older (12) and has slowed a bit, but she has her moments, still. When i come home from work, after they have been out, they jump on the bed and play fight. All those teeth and ferocious sounds and it is all pure hooey! It's hilarious.

Anyway...welcome to Word Garden!