(David, at authorblog, has nagged and harried me (at least that's how I remember it! Ha!) to write a rhyming poem for the Word Garden. Here it is.)

The water lies so still

Where I tossed my heart like flowers--

Long have I lived in chill

Of so many solitary hours.

This motherless girl, me

Never meant to be a bride--

By the bank everlastingly

With only mist to sit beside.

The mermaids sing--

Sing, and tear my heart;

My flowers kiss the wet, then turn,

And slowly drift apart.

Let me go, Love--

Never more to haunt the fen;

Take my flowers, Sweet, and then

Set me free to love again.



Vodka Mom said…
The mermaid floats

along the sea

and takes my dreams

away from me.....

i had to give it a shot. Yours was lovely.....
Shrinky said…
Hauntingly wistful, and so beautifully written.
Very beautiful, very intense.
Fireblossom said…
LOL @ Vodka Mom giving it a "shot." Oddly appropriate!

Thanks, Shrinky. :-)

Thanks and welcome to the Word garden, CJ! :-)
Anonymous said…
Ah! David set you a challenge. (grin)

Forlorn imagery of the flower petals breaking apart and floating away. As in the child's daisy game; Love Me, Love Me Not.

Your poem also brought a movie to my mind, which I added in to a poem:
I've Heard The Mermaids Singing,
so loudly my ears are ringing.
Close your ears to the siren's call
or into the sea you will fall

Is there a body of tears (water) in your word garden?

Sorry, I'm rambling on.

Oh Lord... Word Verification is:
Anonymous said…
"The water lies so still
Where I tossed my heart like flowers--"

Pensive and beautifully alluring.
Shay this is just so awesome. Ever image rings in ones soul. This is a beautiful poem.

C. Elizabeth said…
Hey Shay- This is beautiful. You did a great job with this one. I do not like rhyming poems because sometimes it takes away from the meaning (for me) and I honestly did'nt notice. It appeals to the senses and has nice imagery
Jannie Funster said…
Glad to see I'm not the onlee one who haunts the fen.

And the, the... oh what do you call it, ah yes, the Menger. (I call my hauntings the fen-meng.)

And what's so bad about mist to sit beside? The mist doth protest. The mist hath loved many.
Fireblossom said…
Thank you, everyone who commented!

And jannie, my humble apologies to the Mist!

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