Morning Glory

See the vine, brittle and brown,

How december has changed this place!

The harsh winds unsettle and mar--

So recent the mornings I hurried down

The barefoot path to see your face!

A fool, I sighed, "how enchanting you are!"



Jannie Funster said…
Let the old world take about 160 whirls. And see what happens.
Fireblossom said…
Aw Jannie, youre such a doll, yannowit? Goddess knows why anybody would put up with my gloomy butt right now.

Right now I'm firmly convinced the world shall be bleak in perpetuity, but then, I'm often spectacularly wrong. Maybe this time too?
Marty said…
Fireblossom, you MUST know that I am here always. I may not always have the freedom to speak, or the words to rhyme - but I am always with you and waiting for your brilliance to SHINE!
Mama Zen said…
I was touched by this. Then, I saw that it is labeled "bargain store byron," and I laughed my ass off.

You are so cool.
Shrinky said…
December never stays the year, it threatens but never follows through.
Fireblossom said…
Thanks Marty!!!

*hands Mama Zen her butt back lol. I'm glad you liked it. :-)

Thank Goddess for that, Shrinky, eh? ;-)

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