The Fretful Cake

A cake is worried.

The cake has fallen in love with the cutest, golden-brownest, most irresistible cinnamon apple pie ever.

When the cake sees the pie,

All her sparkler candles go off at once!

And yet,

The cake is worried.

"Once, I was trapped inside a dark cardboard box

On a shelf in aisle five of Mitzi's Food Mart on 9 Mile Road!

I was separated from myself by little bags and packets!

And I was


For sale."

The cake thinks of her beloved pie and glazes over with helpless love.

"Darling pie! I am so sweet for you!" she thinks, dizzy with devotion.

"Will she understand," frets the lovestruck cake,

"That I came from mere powder and goo?

Will she overlook

That I needed eggs added?"

The cake, woozy with desire for the sweet cinnamon apple pie,

Never stops to consider

That her beloved was once in pieces too,

Hanging on trees in the rain

For anyone to pick?

Someone sets the cake and pie side by side on a pretty red and white checked table cloth.

Seeking a snack,

A mischievous yellow lab noses the pie over into the cake,

So that they are mooshed together.

"She kissed me!" exults the happy cake,

Who never worries about anything again.



Vodka Mom said…
frankly, I'd rather have chips.
Jannie Funster said…
Ahhh, just the sweetest poem ever, in all senses of the word sweet.

And seems hopeful that the blender at last had been reunited with its attachment?
Jannie Funster said…
Whoops, I meant the mixer, not the blender.
Fireblossom said…
There are sweet people and salty people, VM.

LOL yes, Jannie, all seems well in my alternate universe!
mmmmmmmmmm...interesting post. ;)
Mama Zen said…
And, that's why everyone should have a dog!

The stuff that you come up with absolutely amazes me!
Riot Kitty said…
I agree with Mama do you come up with it?
Scarlet said…
You gotta love those yellow labs. ;)

This is beautifully written. The thing about love is that if it's meant to be it will happen.
Anonymous said…
The first stages of love can be so silly and filled with constant apprehension. Very cute and romantic story poem!
Shrinky said…
Ooh, too cute.. there that little cake is all full of apprehention about what her apple pie might think of her, when it seems the apple pie is far too busy worrying over what the cute little cake might think of her! Aw, the agonies of early love.. you capture it so well!

Thank heavens they were given a nudge, eh?
Anonymous said…
A mooshy smootch provoked by a pooch.
Rainbow dreams said…
smiling at that... :)
Fireblossom said…
Hi Alex! :-)

Mama Zen, you should post about yours!

Riot Kitty, now it can be told. As you all have long suspected, I get it from a wholesale place in Pittsburgh.

Scarlet, you have no idea how well-timed that last comment was. And it's true!

grace! Where have you been, I missed you! And yes, that's SO true, isnt it? Thanks for your comments!

That's right, Shrinky, thank Goddess for the dog taking things in hand, er, paw! ("The Puppy Song" is playing on the player right now! Ha!)

Hahahaha, Chewy, that's cute!

I love to bring a smile, RD!
Hope you had a good day!! :)

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