Note To Myself

When will you stop reaching for shiny objects?

Believing in the impossible may work for Alice,

But all of this playing in traffic,

All of this believing that God is in everything,

Is just childish

And no longer cute.

Your body has gone off and left you--

Little orphan amid the shelling,

Little ghost in the gathering dark.

Love never knew your name--

She so haughty and cold;

You trailed after her like a puppy anyway...

Now it's time to stop.

Stay in your kitchen.

Make your black-iced cakes.

Be Our Lady of the Animals.

Forgive that green-eyed girl

And yourself

For your flaws and for the ridiculous vanity

Of hoping.



Mama Zen said…
This is so gorgeous it hurts. May you never stop reaching for shiny objects!
Riot Kitty said…
Black-iced cakes! One of my coworkers and her boyfriend, who hated Valentine's Day, got a black cake one year.
I think reaching for shiny illuminating mental objects has worked out rather well for you thus far.
Kelly said…
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Kelly said…
hate to be a stickler for detail, but err... objects that 'appear' to be shiny?!?! Then as soon as any real emotion comes into it, they rust as quick as a pretty tin can who's just experienced a summer shower!

now ya see, asking me not to make that kind of analytically hair-splitting know-it-all but with good intentions,response, is the same as asking you not to believe in alice, you lose some kind of essence that would just render you to being just another sleepwalker in this reality-make-believe world... instead of who you 'really' are...

Fireblossom said…
Seems it is my nature, Mama Zen. Perhaps this is why I get along so well with three year olds. ;-)

LOL @ the boyfriend, RK. A black wedding cake would be even more grim.

Oh geez Pouty, I love that....shiny mental objects. What doctors call delusion, I call imagination! Mwahahaha.

Oh I like a know-it-all sometimes, K. ((((((((((((K)))))))))))
Anonymous said…
A little sad (but I liked it).

Hope and shiny objects are good things.
Anonymous said…
So sad, Shay.
Hope is never ridiculous, it's what keeps us going at times.
You are such a good poet, with such a wide array of words and expressions, I always enjoy visiting your blog.
Jannie Funster said…
Iagree - never stop reaching for shiny ness. The world needs you.

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