She is a wine flower--

She has drooped into sleep, softly snoring;

She does this to herself every evening.

Her back is tanned and beautiful--

With a little mole like a leopard spot;

Her hair is long flames from burning love letters

She'll never write again;

Her hair is light through a slatted window,

When she's gone back to where she's been.

And me?

I do this to myself every evening--

Puzzling out the fortunes I am reading

In her golden hair and skin.



Maude Lynn said…
Lovely, sensuous, and more than a little heartbreaking.
"Her hair is long flames from burning love letters She'll never write again." Priceless.
Jannie Funster said…
Dittoes on what Poutalicios said.

And dittoes on waht Mama Z. said.


Shay, when can we expect to see a book of your poems and have you come around to our towns for autographs?
Riot Kitty said…
Very nice...and it goes perfectly with your song playing (Unlove Me.)
Fireblossom said…
Yep, Mama Zen, it was all of that. I'm glad you think I conveyed it with my words.

Even a blind squirrel digs up a nut once in a while, Pouty. I was just trying not to be cliche. This poem meant too much to me to coast.

Oh, Jannie, I'm staying home for a good long while this time. The creating is its own reward for me most of the time, but I would like to have a book before I'm done. If and when i do, you get a first edition.

Riot Kitty, a dear friend told me about that song "Unlove Me." Isn't it a good one? It certainly fits. But if I had to choose a song from the player to go with this poem it would have to be "You." I'm such a total sap, I should probably have to go to some sort of camp to be reprogrammed.

Sharkbutt!!!!!!! Where the heck have you been? I was about to send Bosco and Molly out to sniff you out. You've been missed.
Vodka Mom said…
that was incredible..........AS USUAL.
Anonymous said…
Shay -

"Her hair is long flames from burning love letters

She'll never write again;"

So beautiful. I am honored to present you with the lemonade award Shay- for being so supportive and generous of other blogs and the beautiful poetry you share with others on yours. (I should have it posted soon, with rules)
Jannie Funster said…
"Puzzling out the fortunes I am reading in her golden hair and skin..."

Was I drunk or something to not have glued my mind to this line in my first comment?

Freaking great poem!!
Jannie Funster said…
Really ? A first edition?? THANK YOU!!!

I do not know if you realize what a talent you share with the world.

You are a fine and rare creation.

God be luvin' you up good, Girl!

And Shay - you do not realize it yet (alffs a lot,) but you have just given me another Bord on a Wire, think I've 6 now, so 4 more to go for Bord 4.

Fireblossom said…
*blush* thanks, VM.

About time someone noticed that last line, lol. This poem wasn't easy to write because the structure and the rhyme scheme are rather unusual.
Thanks, Jannie, for the warm wishes, they are appreciated. As for realizing anything, what i seem to be realizing just lately is that I feel like I've said what i wanted to say. I have invited the Word Garden's second ever guest poet to be featured, but she hasn't responded yet. Stay tuned.
Fireblossom said…
Tracey, thanks for the Lemonade Award! let me run over to your blog and see if the rules are posted!
I re-read this today and it is tear worthy. Coast? I think coast and Shay in the same sentence is an oxymoron.
Scarlet said…
Beautifully sad and sexy, too.

I want to own a book of your poems.
Fireblossom said…
Thanks Deb, and welcome back!

Well, Pouty, I am certainly SOME variety of moron. But you're right, coasting isn't in my nature usually. I'm pleased you came back to my poem and enjoyed it.

If there is ever a book, there will be one with your name on it, Scarlet. :-)
Lil Bit said…
Are wineflowers nad fireblossoms related?

Lil Bit said…
lol "and" , not "nad"... sheesh.
(and I haven't even partaken of any spirits today) lol
Fireblossom said…
lol @ Lil nut!