Peanut butter is the preferred food of saints;
Devils are keen on cranberries.

Fives and sevens denote disaster;
The ace of spades, mystery.

If I could organize each beat of my heart
Like spools in a drawer,
Then I could mend love
Then I could darn devotion.

Red is always passion;
Keep yellow close for hope.

But remember, rain starts on the rooftop,
And two strands twined make rope.


Jannie Funster said…
So cool Shay, your mind is as nibmle as minds get and I love being privvy to it.
Maude Lynn said…
I like the play on words with "darn devotion." This is very cool, Shay!
To me this is all about choices and making decisions; I've been on that rooftop.
Fireblossom said…
LOL Jannie, It may well be "nibmle" too. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. *rolleyes*

Glad you liked that, Mama Zen. Hehe.

I'll see what the Magic 8 Ball says about that, Pouty. ;-)
Riot Kitty said…
Very cool. Plus I feel better, because I love peanut butter ;)
Carolina said…
Hi, thanks for your kind comment on my blog (the cat&dog). Love the picture in your banner, just give me a cup of coffee and I would like to sit there for hours *sigh*
Ah well, back to reality...bye and you're welcome to visit anytime of course (like the background music too, which is a first, I usually find it annoying)
Beatrice V said…
I love this, Shay, always a delightful surprise to be found in your word garden. Lovely.
Fireblossom said…
LOL, but I still don 't think you are quite saintly, RK! ;-)

Hello, Carolina, and welcome! That's a lovely place to sit and relax, I can attest. And you know, you're the third person to say the exact same thing about the music, which really pleases me. I hope you will visit again!
Unknown said…
darn devotion

weaving the fabric of life~

Kelly said…
Is that the tree-house rope! Now you tell me *climbs up* oh i am going to be a meany now and say, you've coasted a lil on this one, but i am glad to be able to know your poetry well enough to even 'assert' that.... *runs off... still a great piece... :-)*blows kisses* xxxxxxxxx
Kelly said…
oh how did that come out as seakali! oh well, you know that was a K-thang comment. lub u lots xxxx
Kelly said…
gosh last but not least, "darn devotion" - really stood out :-) xxxxx
Fireblossom said…
Gillian and K,

Glad you liked the darn devotion lol.

K, you're such a slave driver. LOL.