In The Land Of The Blue Wolf

In The Land Of The Blue Wolf,
We were together.
It was supper time,
The street lights were on,
And the buses were lit from within like candles in glass.

Two moths, we found the store window you were looking for;
We spread our wings against the cold panes.
We spread our love around each other.
The stars wheeled slowly above our heads.

In The Land Of The Blue Wolf,
We tilted our chins up and sang as only girls can.
I loved your olive-skinned throat,
And knew that I would stay with you, then,
Even though the road is long
And the night would never fall so sweetly for us again.


Matt D said…
A lot of really neat images here, "candles in glass";
and then the images of moths
slides into wings against cold panes
and then round each other ...

Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh, the last three lines...
Even your labels are poetic genius: Love is like falling and falling is like this.

I love the way your magical realism shines in this poem: the blue wolf, the two moths all back-lit by the lights of passing buses. You could give lessons in writing love poems... Ah, but you do and I thank you for it :)
You always seem to put 'mariposa' wings on your words.

Gracias, mi amiga.
Brian Miller said…
love the atmosphere of your close does sound a rather sweet night taking the long road along that olive neck but that it would never be as such again. : (
Fireblossom said…
Kerry--I shamelessly stole that tag from Ani Difranco!
hedgewitch said…
The dreams, they own us, when they're sweet and so promising of all we want and wish like this. The Blue Wolf is always howling, but the pack makes it into a song of connection, and the last stanza here says love never dies, only flies, a philosophy I believe in like physics. The pic you chose is just perfect for the dreamlike mood.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Pardon my ignorance, and thanks for sending me a link to that song: loved it.

And Hedgie's "love never dies, only flies"... there's poetry in you girls' comments for pity's sake!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, so tenderly beautiful. Sigh.
Mama Zen said…
This is so gorgeous. I love the line about the buses.
Pat Wahler said…
What lovely images. The last line is so poignant.

Critter Alley
ellen abbott said…
never so sweet as first blush.
Lynn said…
So beautiful and romantic.
TALON said…
Those are the nights love are made of, Shay.
Lolamouse said…
Makes me want to visit the Land of the Blue Wolf, wherever that is. I love the images of the moths and the lights. Just beautiful.

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