Sans Gateau

meat loaf.
a pomegranate!
missionary stew.

Why does it have to be cake?
Am I cold, 
heartless, if there isn't cake?

South Dakota.
interesting bugs.
Hope Solo's underthings.
a cow catcher!

Break out of it.
Frosting isn't everything.
trust me trust me trust me trust me.

A magic 8 ball.
an elephant in full eastern regalia.
The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.
dog dreams.

Take 'em.
I gitcha more.
does it have to be cake?
why always cake?

Be reasonable.
Do it my way.

inner light.

My love
my devotion
my body
my slavish and rapt attention to every word you say.

But no cake.
If you want cake, then fuck ya.

Happy birthday,
signed, Mistress Marjorie, the budget dominant
who does not

a bit of playful foolishness in honor of The Imaginary Garden's birthday!

corset gloves by autumnlaughter on deviantart. 


Mary said…
But Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake." Are you saying she is wrong??? (smiles)

Enjoyed your poem, Shay! Good to shake the celebration up a bit....
The Budget Dom? Sign me up! But I gotta have cake, and I don't want that whipped cream topping. I want heavy, sexy decadent buttercream frosting!

Ok, then how much for a cup-cake?
Loved this, Mosky
TexWisGirl said…
laughing at you!

we've been known to celebrate with pies or cobbler. :) i know - bit stretch.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Nice humorous happy birthday to the Toad and all Toadkind. A fun read!
Maude Lynn said…
That's what I should have said yesterday before I started baking!
Anonymous said…
Is this a play on the expression, "you can't have your cake and eat it too"?

I loved the cow catcher. That was great. :)

This is a haunting whisper of an echo:
"Frosting isn't everything.
trust me trust me trust me trust me."
HermanTurnip said…
Was this a "stream of consciousness" exercise?

And now that we're on the subject, I've always wanted a Magic 8 Ball, but alas, I've since been denied that particular small joy in life...
Hannah said…
I love this, Shay!!! You're sense of humor is medicinal!! :)
Cloudia said…
your flow is inspired!

Warm Aloha to you from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >
Sioux Roslawski said…
This did have a quality of rushing headlong towards something, which was perfect for this poem.

There's always Pepperidge Farm cakes--delicious even when they're still a bit frozen...
your habitual twisting of rules with plenty of cones of humor make this a delightful birthday treat.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Ah, indeed, who needs cake? This assortment of birthday treats seems far more innovative: a poet's array. There are many wonderful bakers in the world but can they also cook up delicious words?

Loved it, Shay! And my thanks for all you do to keep Real Toads the vibrant meeting place it is.
Lynn said…
Now I need to find some cake today. Thanks for putting that in my head, FB. :)
Gemma Wiseman said…
BIG smiles here! I gave up baking long ago! The children grew up and I suddenly forgot how to set the oven dial! Hubby cooks and I write; he messes while I clean. Nice balanced arrangement! A fun poem!
Daryl said…
oh if not cake how about a little icing? ;,)
Lolamouse said…
Love it! (but where's the cake?!!)
Marian said…
hmmmm, i appreciate this, possibly mostly because i eat far too much cake. frosting is everything.
Kay L. Davies said…
C'mon a my house, I'm gonna give you candy...
Perfect for the birthday of the Real Toads.
Herotomost said…
lol.....make mine chocolate. Do It!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
CAKE! There must be cake for an anniversary. Specifically, chocolate cake with a fudge center and fudgy frosting, embedded with chocolate chips.

Yeah, I know it will give me a migraine, but who cares? That's why God made sumatriptan, ha ha ha.

Shay, you made my day. Fuck 'em is right. Make your own party, and I'll come even if there is no cake. But beer, now, there's another story..! Amy
Anonymous said…
Oops, meant to leave a link!!
vivinfrance said…
A perfect birthday card, with lots of laughs.
Susan said…
Fun. Icing on the cake may be the only thing that you deny here. Love the accompanying song too.
Anonymous said…