my dog and his new jones

A young man at the drug store saw me looking over the pet treats, and he recommended Oinkies bacon-wrapped chews. He said his dog gets one every night and loves them. I was hesitant, cos rawhide doesn't always digest so well, but he convinced me and so I brought some home. 

Well, Bosco LOVES them! No digestive issues, either. So now my dog has an Oinkies problem! It's really pretty cute how much he enjoys them, and the name cracks me up.


TexWisGirl said…
that made me smile. :) glad he's doing well with them.
Cloudia said…
Me TOO!!! Loved this!

(Good Bosco!)

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3
HermanTurnip said…
I think it's time for an intervention for your dog. Heh! ;-)
Mama Zen said…
Now, Big Snoop wants some!
parker said…
Oinkies! Pork fat rules! Just love the furry pals. For all they do for us-a treat is the least we can do!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I am leery of rawhide too, especially as Jas has digestive problems. However she does love nothing better than a chewie and these look yummy....must get her some, then just dole them out judiciously.
The name would have got me to try them. Am happy that they don't cause any problem.

If my cat rejects any cat food or treats...the remainder go to the food pantry. They always appreciate having something for the pet lovers.

and thank you for the chuckle I needed so much tonite.
Lynn said…
Aw - I'm so glad Bosco likes Oinkies! :) Great snack name.
Daryl said…
cracks me up too .. and sweet bosco deserves treats!
G-Man said…
You should do what Mama Zen does and shamelessly pander these treats. Maybe they'll send you some freebies??
Sioux Roslawski said…
Just about everything is better with bacon. I don't eat red meat (usually) but I know that.
Sara said…
Yeah for Bosco...a mama who can't resist giving him special treats:~)

Aggie has some cat treats like that, but without the clever name. Her's are called Buddy Biscuits. Her favorite flavor is "tempting tuna flavor." They're even "gluten free."

I think I like the name Oinkies better:~)