It's Complicated.

CaveMAN: "Find mastodon, kill mastodon, 
eat mastodon, fuck wife, sleep.

CaveWOMAN: "Find masto--
hey, what are those flowers called?
They'd look nice on--
is Zug allergic?
Find masto--
Fug doesn't like mastodon. Mammoth, then?
Find mammoth, kill--
Mammoth goes straight to my hips.
Did I pick up the furs?
Dammit, cramps!
find mastodon...

a 55 for everybody's favorite primitive, the G Man!


G-Man said…
Mmmm Mastadon delicious!
Now bend over me not afraid of a little blood.
Oh Shaysie, A Story, a 55 Word Story!! You know how I love stories.
Especially funny, clever and PERFECT 55 word stories.
Thanks for playing...Me Love!
Have Kick Ass Week-End
G-Man said…
Can't find my Canasta!!!!!
hedgewitch said…
LMAO. Leave it to you to give us the down low on the whole hunter-gatherer shctick.
Anonymous said…
how about an ode to gayve-man? he'd love those flowers, too, nice arrangement with some sand and rock, maybe a flourish with the skull of a few rats? ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"Mammoth goes straight to my hips." Hilarious. Only you could write this poem - or even think of the scenario!!
Kay L. Davies said…
Made me laugh, Shay. Paleo-man with one continuous round of chores, Paleo-woman with chores, worries, distractions, responsibilities, worries, chores...
Luv, K
Cloudia said…
there is truth here, as in all your words.....

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

=^..^= <3
Sioux Roslawski said…
Things never change, from cave people era to now...
Unknown said…
My mind does work something like that. I actually think that cave women were smarter than us modern women when it came to their bodies. They didn't care about having a certain body type, they cared about surviving. Amusing piece, though.
Margaret said…
I'll take all five kittens and let the cave man fend for himself. The bottom photo is so perfect!

And personally, I think cave women did care - beauty (perhaps defined differently) has always been on a woman's mind I think… and a man's. ;)

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