local girls

Don't be an idiot.
The whole of the ocean
is a fool's desire.
It teems with men and ships
hauling who knows what
to who knows where,
and, really,
who the hell cares?

Dreams are better drawn
from the little
bit of wet
at the tips of her fingers.

Once, a lady of advanced years
told me, dear,
every fox goes gray;
every beautiful face 
must give its grace
away or lose it for nothing.

Look out at the water, honey.
Let's leave it,
it will still be there
should we care to come back.
For now, I only desire
the little
bit of wet
at the tip of your tongue--

a tide that rides from me 
to you
to me again
sweeter than anything 
any selkie
could pursue.

for Susie's "Bits Of Inspiration" at Real Toads. I pursued a water theme.

photo: from a 1957 issue of Playboy, or so the source says. 



cosmos cami said…
Very provocative. A bit of perfection from a nice bit of inspiration.
Cloudia said…
SO excellently do you describe me current wisdom state of mind, dear friendPoet!!!!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3
hedgewitch said…
Very lulling in rhythm, and there's a simplicity to the desires here that make them wise. I especially like the line about every fox going grey, and about giving grace away or losing it anyway. A lovely bit of light on the water, reflecting, Shay.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I like the choosing of the small bit of wetness over the whole of the ocean....and then the reference to the "tide that rides from me to you to me again."
Unknown said…
"a little bit of wet ... a tide the rides from me to you."

from the the smallest detail to the overwhelming rush. Pretty much covers it
Kathryn Dyche said…
Loved this . . . the who knows what to who knows where and who the hell cares to the provocative last stanza. :0)
HermanTurnip said…
Wow...a great poem *and* I learned what a Selkie is. Nice! :-)
Sioux Roslawski said…
I think you have to get to a certain age before you know what really matters. (I've been at that juncture for at least a decade.)

Hot and sweet at the same time.
Kerry O'Connor said…
That picture is beautiful and so perfect for your romantic poem. That woman was clearly distracted by nothing and needed to be brought back down to earth.
Helen said…
Dear Shay ... Stanza three ~~ each word a treasure! Lovely poem.
Mama Zen said…
Gorgeous. I love that picture, too.
G-Man said…
Tip of the finger
Tip of the tongue
The faint prelude to deluge is exciting indeed.
You spin desire so ageless and beautifully Shay.
Anonymous said…
You absolutely HAD me at those first two lines. Fantastic.
Susan said…
Excellent look out and looking in, an entire ocean teaming with men and industry or
you here and now, we two. No imports. Rocking Rhythm. A sweet lullaby.
Other Mary said…
I am in love with this poem.
Anonymous said…
whoosh. that little bit... ~
Lolamouse said…
I keep looking for ways to say "gorgeous," and "sensual" and "inspired" because I repeat myself w/ every poem you write! Damn, girl, you're too good!
Susie Clevenger said…
Goodness this is beautiful...there is such a gorgeous, intimate flow to your words. You always amaze me. Thank you for taking part in the challenge and your kind words and thoughts for Dawn. Please forgive my slow response to your work.

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