Daffodil Namaste Chooses A Head Scarf

It's me.
In you. Part of you.
Natural as can be.

Nestled among my pretty neighbors.
Singing to them, endlessly,
the traditional song of my people--
"Die, you jackasses. Make more room for me."

If I had a mind,
it would have a voice:
shredder, chipper. 
White noise.

I give the gardener
something busy to do.
Listen to my heart beat:
"fuckyou, fuckyou, fuckyou..."

Love me or nuke me.
I don't care.
I'm nature's perfect engine.
Growing. Gaining. There.

Girl, I feel good,
but you're starting to look like shit.
I do what I do, that's Ms. Nature to you,
frightening Miss Muffet to bits.

For Real Toads mini-challenge, "Making a heart out of wild plants." I chose the weed.



Grace said…
Natural as can be, nature's perfect engine, white noise ~ Weeds do make gardeners very busy, always growing & gaining ~ I love them in the wild but not beside my roses though ~

I like the voice Shay ~ Thanks for linking up with Sunday's challenge ~ Wishing you happy week/end ~
Gail said…
What a wonderful approach...through the eyes of weeds. Well done and enjoyable.
hedgewitch said…
Once I got over cracking ribs at the title, the macabre element of this seemingly light, rhymed song truly gave me the traditional creeps. To me (as I age and feel the vulnerability of them) my internal organs are not anything romantic, except maybe something out of a ballad of the doomed, like Charge of the Light Brigade--into the valley of death rode the pancreas and liver. Fine work with a dark bloody scalpel, Shay.
You had me at the title but you've nailed the voice of weeds with their in-your-face attitude knowing they'll outdo all the rest. Always seemed arbitrary what gets labeled as weeds anyway.
TexWisGirl said…
"Die, you jackasses. Make more room for me." :D
Jinksy said…
That's a nitty gritty viewpoint!
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is a darkly dangerous voice at work here, Shay. It guess we have more of the weed in us than we would care to admit.
I love the picture too, and the green words taking up their space on the page/screen.
Helen said…
The first (and only) time I listened to music before reading the poetry. (This is my favorite LC song!) Love this poem ~~ Weeds can be disarmingly lovely.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my God. The title alone knocks me out........Then, "die, you jackasses. Make more room for me." Weeds are so human!!!!! Hilarious, sobering and thought-provoking,all in one go. How do you keep doing this?
Marian said…
yeah, i really like this. i tend to not want to ascribe the label "weed" to anything... yes there's this invasive vine growing everywhere here that i do pull, and really imagine it telling me to fuck off, it will get the best of me. oh, well.
Fireblossom said…
The challenge, as i understand it, was to write about nature within us. Does no one except for Hedge get it that I am writing about cancer here?
Ileana said…
Nice heartbeat, Weed. ;) Lovely work, as always.
Susan said…
Brilliant. I have met Daffodil Namaste hiding in my Day Lilies. She persists despite all, but you knew that .... You give her an authentic voice here, and you've picked the perfect song, laughter and all.
Susan said…
Yes, it is inside ... all sorts of cancer. My reply is from within my poem, speaking of the isms that poison us. But I can speak of decay and cancer too if you wish. The weeds will NOT win.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Of course, it's all perfect, but I especially loved "Growing. Gaining. There." So sinister and so simple.
C.C. said…
Great use of point of view and what a unique voice to write from. Really enjoyed this.
Shadow said…
weeds, cancer... ouch!
Daryl said…
seems very scary .. i have new respect for weeds now
Mama Zen said…
Our people have the same song!
I liked the unrepentant and relentless velocity of this malignant parasite. Reminds me of "The Cockroach Defense."
Ella said…
You allowed the stink weed to bloom-we all have those weeds-to mange and not let take over our gray garden!
Margaret said…
..nuke me made me pause. The voice so hateful - the heartbeat surely trying to take over as cancer often does. No pity, the ending hauntingly frivolous.
Sara said…
LOVE IT! Only you would champion the weed, but that's because you have a very hardy nature, even if you don't see it sometimes.

My favorite part is the heart beat...I never realized "fuckyou" said three times actually sounds like a heartbeat:~)

See this is the advantage of reading everything out loud!!
Anastasia said…
this is raw and bold. my kinda poetry! the picture is most lovely! :)

stacy lynn mar
Outlawyer said…
Ouch! Clever and funny but with real bite. K. Manicddaily

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