Third Moon

The moon,
the usual moon,
set itself in the dark of your hair.

At your shoulders,
waves took on silent motion,
but I stayed quiet, having seen that before.

A second moon

lit the dampness on your skin,
making anyone who saw you, dream you.

In strange light,
the long hair down your summer-colored back
looked like tiger stripes, and seeing, I was bitten.

I could still have lied to you, then,
could still have gotten dressed, exhaled, escaped,
slipping sly across a thorn stem.

But oh, Love, how you command the third moon,
the one behind your eyes,
that leaves me thrilled, speechless, compromised.

for Words Count with Mama Zen at Real Toads. At 105 words, I blew the count again, but maybe she'll forgive me since I did such a nice job with the theme of threes. :-)


hedgewitch said…
This is just delicious to read,Shay, a taste and a fragrance as much as words--I love the truth that always rises to the surface in your love poems, almost as much as I love the language you choose for their adornment.
Helen said…
Feeling moonstruck and wishing someone would write a poem like this ~ just for me!
Cloudia said…
Truly Beautiful!

Must be shared

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= <3
Cloudia said…
"slipping sly across a thorn stem"

Oh how my moth loves to repeat this!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
An irresistible moon poem - and oh, that third moon! This is delectable.
Mama Zen said…
Oh, honey! Consider yourself forgiven and then some!
Anonymous said…
thrilled and speechless, here... ~
Kerry O'Connor said…
I read your poem before work this morning and it has sustained me through the day. I have said before how well you express the love of a woman, and I have seldom read online poetry that moves me as much as this poem has.
miquel de uno muno once described; oh, if only men could learn to make love with a same sensuality as women.

men would no longer have to ask to make love again

seductively and sensually delectable.

Debi Swim said…
What can you say about perfection? WOW
Kathryn Dyche said…
Love the three moons.
Daryl said…
uncountable reactions .. all the chills … lovely
Ileana said…
Third moon beauty.
Anonymous said…
Just beautiful, k.
Marian said…
love that line "seen that before" in such a not ho-hum way. beautiful!
Margaret said…
The "usual" moon becomes exquisite upon her skin, in her hair, her eyes… this is love expressed as well as it possibly can be! So romantic, so caressingly beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Excellent stuff, FB -- threes are meant to add dimensions, and you count through them perfectly here.

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