Babies In Prison

Babies in prison
become a problem.
The government is demanded upon
to show what they've got on them.

Meanwhile, infants behind bars
lie next to teddy bears with records.
The President arrives, with the skeletal warden
to investigate, harrumph, and mouth some several prepared words.

So young!
By a jury of diapered droolers convicted.
So done!
Like dinner, so some schmoe can get elected.

Babies in prison 
sit in swings for ten to twenty.
And politicians who admit their own crimes?
Sorry, we couldn't find any.

for Get Listed at Toads.


Susie Clevenger said…
Damn this is so true.
. said…
I love this part:

"Meanwhile, infants behind bars
lie next to teddy bears with records." Especially if we're talking about teddies playing tunes.
Anonymous said…
Ain't that the truth. Well penned verse.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--The politician who most needs to stand up for the crimes they committed is the President... Guess that's never gonna happen.
grapeling said…
I've always favored Bloom County's definition of a statesman - a dead politician.

Good to see you Shay, and thanks for adding your pen ~
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your satire is,as ever, unique and delivers a potent message. This is so darn clever.
Ah, bitterly sad-funny.
hedgewitch said…
A not so funhouse mirror that reflects the bizarro world we live in today all too well. The baby metaphor is skewering, also.
Mama Zen said…
That last stanza has some teeth!
Great poem - excellent verse.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What Sioux said......

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