Here is a loaf which is mostly nothing,
to put in your mouth, described the same.
When you feel empty, fill nothing with nothing
and be satisfied with such legerdemain.

Give me back words which symbolize something
but are, in themselves, nothing at all;
aren't we lucky, drenched in such 
a trove of quicksilver wherewithal?

a flash 55 for Toads. "extremely close but worlds apart."


hedgewitch said…
There is a waspish undercurrent to every forlorn lament of lost meaning, wasted time--and who can blame the speaker for being cranky when there is nothing but ersatz nourishment to be had? I think there are a great many empty words floating around these days--and no matter how many there are, they never fill anything up. I love your last line especially, Shay.
brudberg said…
Bliss of wonderbread ...
Sioux Roslawski said…
Your choice of "drenched" seemed perfect, Shay. As always, your piece is carefully crafted.
grapeling said…
buried in nonsense, we are ~
Brilliantly judged, in that the acerbic tone does not hide but reveals the sadness.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh, I love what Rosemary said. Spot On!
Kerry O'Connor said…
A most adroit turn of phrase here, rounded off with witty rhymes.

All words have power, don't they, even if most come to nothing in the end. What better evidence of our desire to communicate, to have the opportunity to hear another's thoughts too?
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Brilliant 55! Especially like; "Give me back words which symbolize something
but are, in themselves, nothing at all."
Susie Clevenger said…
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing..Oh my this has me singing Billy Preston. There is sharp tongue and melancholy in this one.

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