My Giraffe

My giraffe
s'got the down-nose look,
and those squinty rich-MILF eyes.
What a bitch.

Still, she got a sweet and useful tongue.

When you talk,
all the birds have heart attacks and tumble from the trees in shock. 
Fucking whales have more to say
than you. 

My giraffe
would cut you dead
in public, anytime.

for Friday 55 at my BFF's place.



Magaly Guerrero said…
The usefulness of that tongue does it every time.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Yay, for the giraffes!
hedgewitch said…
Oh how I love this one, Shay! Especially the third stanza--*snork* Not to mention the one-liner. Your post-love poems are almost better than your love poems, except that nothing is better than them. Thanks so much for playing, and arranging some serious ass-kickery for the weekend hours (and for past eras desparately needing mockage.)

And the pic!
Susie Clevenger said…
Yeah for giraffes! I was gifted with "a look" my mother used to give. It works every time.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I had to smile at the birds tumbling out of the trees in shock. LOL.

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