Cat Angel

Cat Angel forgives our sins.
Why not?
She doesn't care about them, and wonders why we do.  
The Church of Cat Angel issues a denunciation of rocking chairs
and proscribes the covering of piano keys.
Cat Angel hears our prayers
but doesn't care about them and wonders why we do. 
Obey. Receive a dead bird.

a 55 for my BFF


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE this! "....and wonders why we do." Smiles. Love the "receive a dead bird." A cat blessing for sure.
hedgewitch said…
Shay you had me at the very first words--Cat Angel is very close to my concept of the Divine, I might add. ;_) You have made this seem light and easy, whimsical even, but it isn't just a pouf of cat-fluff, it's seriously full of juice. Thanks so much for writing this today, for playing in the true spirit of the 55, and making me think of Galen smiling as he reads.

PS Your cat chapeau is just SO much more steampunk than my crow's.. so,now you have to raise the animal fashion bar, too?
tonispencer said…
Just like a cat and especially a Cat Angel. My husband said to me about my cat several years ago, he doesn't care. I replied And? Because I didn't care either. Love this poem.
Magaly Guerrero said…
A brilliant woman once said that if there was a supreme god then it was a cat or a bastard, because they both don't give two damns. All right, all right, since Cat Angel forgives, I should probably confess that I just made that up. But it's true. Really. Um... am I going to get a dead bird?
Kerry O'Connor said…
Aww,the love of a cat is deep and awe-inspiring. The only prayer it will answer is to return home, by this you'll know it cares.
brudberg said…
The cat angel wouldn't care... which is why we love it even more. I have no rocking chairs...promise.
Poet Laundry said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer Wagner said…
My favorite kitty gave me dead birds, dead mice, a dead bat and a live one. I hope she forgave me for not being thrilled with her offerings. Ha. I miss her!
Rommy said…
I am down with the Church of Cat Angel, except for the eucharist part. Cat Angel can have that all. I'll stick to tea and cookies.
grapeling said…
of what I know of cats, which is little, this sounds true

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