Friday In Hell--A Flash 55

Nothing is constant in this world,
but if you live wickedly,  dependability awaits. 

Let me explain.

In Hell, the first thing you'll notice is that everyone loves--really loves!--your ex.
They don't have Christmas; instead, a constant Black Friday.
Above your head, music--exclusively "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

Friday...but not payday. Sorry.

for my BF's kick-ass Friday 55 



brudberg said…
Friday not payday has to be one of the bleakest part of being alive (always thought that was in January)
. said…
You have *made* my day with this --- poem and video. :)

I hope it's live, and I hope I'm her.
hedgewitch said…
HA! Also *snork.* I always hoped Hell would you know, have more orgies and stuff, but I do understand it was Torment the Bearded Guy had in mind, so this picture seems entirely apposite. And *mindboggled* who let that Rebecca thing near a microphoone? thanks for getting a laugh out of me this morning Shay, with your very kickass 55. Galen would have loved it.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh fekkin' hell... And I was looking forward to the pit, thought it would beat the piped elevator music up to heaven.
Sherry Blue Sky said… to rock a 55!
X said…
At least its warm when we get its no paycheck and too damn cold.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Until I know what they do, in hell, to the people they really love, I won't lose hope. Hey, they might love them hotly--really, really hot.

Thank you for the roar.
Susie Clevenger said…
Yep, that definitely sounds like hell. Black Friday Santa is a ghoul.

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