Getting Out The Hand Puppets

Well aren't WE the fussy bitch?
Silent treatment nothing,
I sent you a message in a bottle.

NOW you tell me it has to be an EMPTY bottle. 

So the message is the medium.
Read between the smears, sound it out,
work with me here, don't be so impossible.

"Smxxf bpht cgalpr." Got it? DUH.

a belated flash 55 for my BFF.


. said…
This is hilarious. You're speaking my language. Seriously, I love this.
hedgewitch said…
I've always wondered how they fit a massage in a bottle....oh wait. This is my kind of mental message for the tired little grey cells, Shay--and better late than never. ;_)
Other Mary said…
Fermsw fdokxpp dert! :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You made me smile.......merpf!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Read between the smears.. or between the tears. i love the attitude here, Shay.

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