Of Course Of Course

They'd come a long way just to see him, these believers.
"Everybody has done us dirt--
taken our shop, our church, our children right off of our laps."

They'd hung on for a long time,
getting angrier every year.
"Where are we supposed live?
What has happened to the world, while we were working?
Who are these strangers?
Does anybody care how we feel?"

All they ever got was:

Look certainly at the end of the day freedom constitution committee values God tradition questions concerns contribution stand for investigation thorough Americans protect promise taxes statement position this office bluh-blah bluh-blah bluh-blah. 

So they voted for someone else.

They'd come a long way just to see him, these believers,
only to find the barn door closed
and Wilbur under investigation and under house arrest.

They can hear him talking (and talking and talking),
but he's turned the wrong way, this equine head in the bed of state,
just a new horse's ass doing all the speechifying now.

for Camera FLASH! at Toads.



tonispencer said…
My correct link is up now. This is a scathing write. The ole trumpster does it again. I wonder when his followers will start drinking the koolaid. It is like an old revival meeting at times, isn't it?
brudberg said…
This is exactly how I understand it... it's just a new gated community... there is a point in the listening to the silent ones.
hedgewitch said…
One of the best I've read on the current situation, which often seems to beggar imagination *and* description. I would be afraid to put my eye to that knothole, because, for one, I am not sure I could stand to see the way it really is that is hidden from us, and also because I would be afraid of the flying vitriol hitting my eye. Each line here builds to the fine ending, another brick in another kind of wall. Excellent truth medicine, Shay.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I was very intrigued to know what angle you might take on this photo and you do not disappoint with this fine piece of political satire. As pointed as it is, it fits many modern governments and presidents. The pity is, we citizens are forced to pay to watch the show.
Carrie Van Horn said…
You pinned the tail on the donkey for sure on the politics of the day.
Susie Clevenger said…
Yes, jumble, jumble, promise, promise...The ass talks and the straw gathers hear what they want to hear.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Clever politics heightened the fears of the have-nots, and promised solutions once the flames fanned - solutions by vote.
And those who grasp at straws did believe and how foolish they must feel now. Right-wingers must be ecstatic.
And the man is an ass, a damned dangerous ass, and the world is sorely afraid.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
How did i miss that you had posted? The young one is keeping me away from my desk. I love what Carrie said, you pinned the tail on the donkey for sure! I cant believe this shit is still going on. Biggest con in the world and all his henchmen grinning like fools as they stash their cash.
Lynn said…
He IS a horse's ass. Well said, FB!

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