The sky couldn't hold it together anymore.
You think it's just always there, 
full of stars and big honking planets,
light, every kind of bird,
the freaking sun for goodness sake.

That's woman's work, babe. 

But I knew. She'd been gray for days.
Unwind, girl.
Close your eyes, shake out your hair.
Let go.


 A 55 for my BFF at Verse Escape.

It's raining here today. Zacky Peanut and I are fine with it!



hedgewitch said…
I love that 'woman's work' line--just sets everything off perfectly and takes it up a notch. This is a fun and also very well-crafted 55, both entertaining and hooking the reader in to some bigger than usual celestial object lessons...and lord, I haven't heard that song in years! Thanks so much for playing, dear Shay--your poem truly makes the weekend kickass.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love that sky, shaking out her hair in rain. This is just perfect.
Cloudia said…
This is lovely as a prayer to the Goddess!!!!
Shay for High Priestess~
Mama Zen said…
I adore this. Raining here, too.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh.. the sky.. the puppies.. the rainy hair shaken loose. This made my heart happy.

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