Hey Smoov,
talking out both sides of your mouth,
tell HER, she's got the rabbit ears for ya;
me, I'm deaf, don't waste your breath. 

All night, she toss and turn if you don't call;
me, I dance all night,
kick the phone right off the wall.

Smoov, you think I'm stupid?
Think you not made of glass, I can't see through ya?
Save your bullshit tap dance for HER,
she hear ya but can't see a damn thing.

She the sweet child, 
I'm the stone bitch.
Everywhere I go, she got to follow me,
crying the blues over you.
She's in my ear,
under my skin,
out to double every losing bet.

Tell HER whatever made-up fairy story you got.
Tell HER how it's gonna be different from now on.
Tell HER, you whiney-ass pencil-dick motherfucker.
Tell HER, not me,

Cos she's the one who loves you.


Carrie Van Horn said…
This is a brilliant amd hilarious spin on the Gemini twins Shay! Made me almost fall out of my chair!! I hope Smoov learns! It makes me think of how one part of us wamts so desperately to believe a cheating lover and the other simply wants to kick them to the curbe and shred their entire wardrobe... LOL
C. Sandlin said…
Awesome take on the prompt!
hedgewitch said…
Ha! You can tell her, but does she really listen except to pass it on, gratingly, usually at midnight and when you'd rather be dreaming of something easier, surer and more reliable? A sharp voice in this, Shay, that I don;t think anyone could ignore.

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