The November Eye Of God

Born with a Fleur-de-lis birthmark,
I said, "De la paix du ciel, 
je suis venu pour la guerre."

Men who spoke against me,
who minced and mocked,
have seen their teeth and tongues curl and fall
like leaves under the November eye of God.

Now, as rodent churchmen scurry to lay a puny trap,
I light candles for those I pray for,
and dance on the graves of the rest.

I am not afraid; I was born to rise in righteous flames untouched
to Heaven and there be judged--
leaving behind the clever, the craven,
and just my body's dust.

This is a rewrite of an earlier poem "Novembre" which I have reworked for Brendan's "hero" challenge at Toads.

 "De la paix du ciel, je suis venu pour la guerre." = "From the peace of Heaven, I have come for the war."



Anonymous said…
Oh this is gorgeous Shay - and well, why and how could it not be? Joan or Jeanne - is such a mythical, mystical figure, so hearing a "modern voice" for her is a fine tribute. Still sassy, but dignified, which is the most two-edged sword - for to witness the elegance and not see the blade until the last moment as it strikes? Surely the eyes of the victim must widen in more than surprise as pupils then fixate. Hmm ... just made me think on, "don't strike until you see the whites of their eyes" ... which is also a double edged sword.

And that 2nd stanza is carefully worded - each precision a diamond in the rough, polished - I love how you've used the line break - it adds so much! Oh just let me gush along - and say - this is brilliant. Stellar images and phrases and they just are perfectly inspired. I really loved this. Yes indeed.
brudberg said…
The tale of Jean is such a classic one... her conviction made her powerful which tells a lot of what can be achieved... so many enemies and yet such a result.
Brendan said…
A Joan in any age would be a wonder (and a terror), but an assertive female in the Middle Ages? There's Grendel's Ma and Joan, and neither were quite balanced. This calm omnipotence of this Joan to me seems embued with all the power of the Triple Goddess. Maybe the fleur-de-lis is her emblem. I'm a fan.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"Like leaves under the November eye of God." I love that.
Vivian Zems said…
She was a true feminist. ..if there ever was one. I love her strength of character. Lovely, Shay!
. said…
I thought this felt familiar somehow. I appreciate your footnote.

"I am not afraid; I was born to rise in righteous flames untouched" ... Beautiful.
annell4 said…
She leads the way, takes a step, a hero indeed.
hedgewitch said…
Of course,I am not surprised at all to see Jehanne as your hero--the woman who wanted to lead for a greater good, a truer justice, and who heard the voice of god speak so intimately to her. You manage to convey all this perfectly here, her strength and her inability to change the world(at least in the way she had in mind)due to the limitations of the society she was born into both tragic and inspiring.
tonispencer said…
I am just now seeing this. This is an interesting and amazing w!rite. I was always intrigued by Joan. So brave and fearless, so very right, so doomed. The people believed in her and then they set her aflame.

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