If, In The Morning

If, in the morning
you wake alone,
it is because it has rained while you were sleeping--
drops suspended from pear blossoms
like fruit in dreams.

If, in the morning
you miss me,
let our love be blackbirds' feet
wrapped around stems of marsh grass.
In afternoon, the sliced loaf
drips with blackberry jam. 

A 55 for my BFF.


Mama Zen said…
I love this to bits.
hedgewitch said…
So nuanced with the fragility of love, truth, beauty itself that its strength and power is a bit surprising...this is a gorgeous bit of writing, with not one superfluous word, or one additional one needed--for me it has the flavor of the Spanish language poets--Neruda, Paz, Lorca--but distinguished by the sharp salt flavor of your own particular seasoning. Just a stellar 55, Shay--thanks so much for bringing your gift to the form.
Cloudia said…
Homely in the best sense
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Incredibly beautiful and perfect, and my new favourite. I especially adore the blackbird feet.
tonispencer said…
This to me has all of the simplicity and complexity of Japanese poetry - nature pulled in and used to all of its glowing beauty. Think I will go have a glass of milk with a homemade blackberry jam sandwich. I will be mindful of the color of the jam as well as the taste, like love.
Vivian Zems said…
I like the imagery wrapped around this love. Enjoyed this.
Kerry O'Connor said…
How like you to serve heartbreak and hope with blackberry jam.
Anonymous said…
a very unique flavour/taste to this 55 - unexpected images and yet, the theme, the current (haha - not currants, unless you'd prefer this) is so every strong. Definitely a really solid and satisfying (more than actually) 55. Well done my friend. Very well done.

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