Thought Broadcasting

"Nobody gets me"
is something the thought broadcaster never has to say.
She's a noisy spill, despite still lips.

She thinks, "I'm a bitch today. I need to get laid"
and some guy in China crashes his bicycle.

Diogenes meets her at the diner--
no texted invitation necessary.
She's his bae
bending spoons with hello.

A 55 for my BFF.


hedgewitch said…
Goodness--I don't know what stands out more for me, the staccato delivery, the internal rhyme and play, or the rather chilling broadcast itself. I have known voices like this, and I must say, I wish the ones I heard had an off switch, or at least a volume control. That last couplet is perfect, and the central stanza would have especially tickled Galen, I think. Thanks so much for tackling a 55 despite all other demands, because it makes for a kickass weekend.
Cloudia said…
Especially like the final quartet!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the acerbic wisdom of her asides.
Anonymous said…
This is just such a dynamic power packed 55 Shay! Wow - and I loved how the middle stanza is just off-beat - and so totally apropos - and clearly "yours for voice, so choice, so choice" and sideways sparkling.... Amazing grace for your 55 play.

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