"Barcarole For Bathtub"

The following is a selection from Miss MacF-P's collection "Poesy In Pastels."
Barcarole for bathtub;
A perfect place to place my posterior.

"Neath the the window!
'Neath the glass!
An arboreal assignation for my ass.

Knock knock!
Who can it be?
A husband, a child, or some vagabond
needing to pee?

Here, with ferns and candles
and easily accessible senior assistance handles,
I sit and sing
(my words taking wonderfully to wing!)
my Barcarole For Bathtub
by me
my knee.

for Camera FLASH! at Real Toads.

Note: Millicent MacFarquhar-Pellington's masterpiece "Barcarole For Bathtub" was published by Snoot & Sons in 1923 as the centerpiece of her fifth collection "Poesy In Pastels." Millicent's first four volumes--including the celebrated "Mongoose Sonnets" sold more than 3 million copies and have been translated into German, French, Urdu and Icelandic. A two-time winner of the Blemish Prize For Literature, Ms. MacFarquhar-Pellington remains beloved today, twenty years after her passing from combination skin in 1998.




tonispencer said…
LMFAO. This is so witty and downright funny. Thank you for this grin today.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Cackling. I so needed this poem!
Old Egg said…
What an accurate interpretation of the picture and how much I wis I had written something so beautifully witty.
Kim M. Russell said…
Where did you get that name, Shay! It's perfect for her. I can just imagine her with ferns and candles, burbling in the bath.
Kerry O'Connor said…
At least Millie knew how to turn a rhyme.
Vivian Zems said…
Look! I'm seeing another side to you, Shay! This was fun and light and simple...and left me with good smiley feelings. You did great!
Sioux Roslawski said…
Snoot and Sons? You can't make that $hit up!
annell4 said…
A delightful post.
tonispencer said…
What happened to my comment? I howled at this. Snoot and Sons...love it. A most irreverent response to a serious prompt. Thank you for the grand giggle.
Anonymous said…
when I first saw this flash the other night, I misread your title as "Broccoli for Bathtub" and asked WTF? But then, following the link, and reading, I was doubled over in hysterics - and just loved the way you ran with this. Clever. Witty. Just enough snark. And yes, still well crafted and worded my dear. It's great you pulled this white rabbit out of your bag of magic tricks and served us up something worthy of a real belly-aching chuckle.
Susie Clevenger said…
"An arboreal assignation for my ass" God, I love that!
Herotomost said…
As soon as I saw you said you had written the stupidest poem ever, I had to see because that is impossible. This was delightful....so just write for that photo. And that name...lol.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Millicent certainly knew how to live well and what talent she had - her barcarole is tremendous! I so envy her!
Giggle giggle!
Anna :o]