In The Gardens Of Răscumpărare

I searched for my love
in the shadow of a sycamore.
In my hands--
On my body--
ash from a Gypsy fire.

I searched for my love
in the railings and rectangles
of city buildings.
In my hands--
broken glass.
On my body--
words from a howling wind.

I found my love
in the hanging gardens of Răscumpărare.
In my hands--
her hair.
On my body--
salvation, her lips, and a thousand birds. 


Sherry Blue Sky said…
O!M!G! I so love this, especially the thousand birds. How gorgeous!
Mama Zen said…
Oh, Shay. I love the structure of this. It feels like subtle call and response, almost, or a heartbeat. Really beautiful.
. said…
Sheesh, that's gorgeous.
Herotomost said…
That is beautiful. And isn't it always the case you find them in the gardens of Rascumparare. that last line is awesome sauce and I can hear the birds!!
Carrie Van Horn said…
Sigh.....simply lovely! That is how love find it where you would not expect. Love this Shay!!
tonispencer said…
I love the structure of this, like the thousand birds calling back and forth. I especially like the last stanza. All of the best things are to be found in the hanging gardens. Salvation is the least of the beauty contained herein. The mysteries contained therein. The love, the pain.
Anonymous said…
this is such a love song - a lamentation yet with hope, and in the ending, a beautiful trilling of union -
and each word, phrase, is of course, packed with simple energy and offers us a taste of the Gypsy wandering, the wanting, the ache - so from dust, to angles, to hair - and yes, as noted, it's like birds calling -

totally rich Shay!
Unknown said…
Absolutely wonderful writing!
Thotpurge said…
That last verse was an absolute killer and oh those thousand birds! Beautiful.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh the search.. the discovery.. the wonder.. and then the wondering: how do we keep something this sought after and precious?
annell4 said…
I loved reading this poem!!!
Sioux Roslawski said…
This was one of those hold-your-breath poems, because it was so beautiful.
angie said…
Your Ancient gardens lend that certain romanticism to the mood. You create mood better than anyone I read.

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