I Spoke Worlds

I spoke worlds,
but found myself a stranger in them all.
Each was beautiful,
but in each it was always night.

I sang stars,
one more distant than the next.
On each it was blindingly bright,
but time and silence drove them mad.

A man came to me and said,
"You are lovely but no one can see you."
A woman came to me who could,
but she constantly mistook me for herself.

I chanted children
who were mine but not mine.
Each carried a candle,
my body the wax they were made from.

I spoke worlds,
and all they were was lonely.
I sang stars,
separated by all that I feared and hated and could not forgive.

A man came to me and said,
"Stop talking."
My Lord, I thought,
and opened to him like a magnificent chasm. 



. said…
Ha ha ha. That ending is perfect. I can so see this being about me. :)
Sioux Roslawski said…
Just the line "I spoke worlds" is powerful. With the way politics is these days, we desperately need people to speak worlds... and they shouldn't shut up until this presidency is finished.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
How i love, this, the speaking of worlds, the singing of stars. I dont know how you keep coming up with new and different and original day after day. Am just glad i get to read it!
Love the entire poem...so wonderful and thought provoking.
Anonymous said…
I've been sitting with this (in between more power cuts) and just lingering - I really love this - from start to finish - from the power and resonance of each word, line, stanza - and how it just echoes. And surprises. And pleases .... it literally breathes with a light - and life of its own. Like a candle - that just refuses to yield to snuff. Stellar. I'm totally digging each and all elements

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