The Walnut Leaves, In Their Terror

The walnut leaves fall in groups,
In fear of
Zacky Peanut, who brooks no nonsense
And is ferocious (but fair.)

Into their bags they go,
Silent siblings to the sticks
Also lately fallen.

She who has a dog
Need never fear walnut leaves
For he is a Good Boi
And always at the ready.

for Real Toads.


brudberg said…
Is it a bit like this funny husky unless you bag them?
Marian said…
I bet he has a fine collection.
Love seeing your notebook (Isadora Duncan!) and your handwriting... :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is so sweet. I LOVE a poem with Zacky Peanut in it! He IS a Good Boi!
Helen said…
Smile on my face right now is gonna linger.
Anmol (HA) said…
Ah, this is plain delightful! <3
tonispencer said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
tonispencer said…
I love this poem. Ferocious but fair. ZP is the best boi and you are the best mom.
Ron. said…
'Zackly perfect!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Ferocious (but fair)

I love this, Shay. Your handwriting has unique flair.
Millie said…
The handwritten version is great! Love this fun poem.

Mama Zen said…
Awww! I adore this.
. said…
"who brooks no nonsense
And is ferocious (but fair.)"

"Silent siblings to the sticks"

I love the way you worded those lines.

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