A Peculiar Blindness

"If I were blind, would you be my eyes?" --Todd Rundgren "Pretending To Care"

It's a peculiar blindness
so many of us have. 

There you are, little bug, looking for a place to land
never giving much thought to how you came so far.

That's why a breeze brought you me.
You think you are small, unremarkable,

but I can see your big glorious wings
spread out like an exclamation

right behind you,
in fabulous display,
plain as day.

for Wednesday Muse "butterflies."


tonispencer said…
Incredible. I wonder how many of us suffer from this blindness in regards to ourselves. We do not see the magnificence that is us. An amazing remarkable Poem Shay.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is wonderful. Butterflies make an enormous journey before they flutter past us. I love the "big glorious wings spread out in exclamation". A butterfly must be happy to be so well seen.
C. Sandlin said…
I'm feeling a similar sense of joy for encountering this poem :)
Loved your poem, Shay
Carrie Van Horn said…
They do have glorious wings don't they? I love this Shay!!
What a lovely poem, Shay!
Sioux Roslawski said…
Not the rhyme scheme, not the rhythm of Emily, yet somehow...
Marian said…
Ah, Little Bug so glorious! And doesn't even realize her own power.
(As an aside, gosh we have really been seeing a ton of monarchs this year, unlike several recent years, and that seems like a really good sign.)