From A Shell

From a shell came Divine instruction
insistent as a drowning man's hand,
his ear a barrel of seven-year whiskey.

As his bones grew longer, firmer,
the ground gave way so that he was always at sea,
a perpetual castaway in the solid world.

A woman, his mother,
said his head was in the clouds;
another woman, undressed and unhappy,
said he never heard a word she said.

He hears, but his heart is a barrel of seven-year whisky
a sea within a sea within a man
at the mercy of the Selkies who shed 
their seal-coats at his feet and sing.

for Sunday Muse #68.


tonispencer said…
I like this. The selkies, the seven year old whiskey, the ocean...all of it.
C. Sandlin said…
Selkies and sirens and the slosh of unsteady dreams...i love this!
Carrie Van Horn said…
"He hears but his heart is a barrel of seven-year whiskey." Yes I have met many men like him! Such a deep and loud message speaking here! Amazing Shay!!! Like everyone before me, I love it!!
Love the seven year old whiskey and the charm of the selkies.
. . . . a sea within a sea within a man . . so thought provoking and loved . . . is a barrel of seven year old whiskey. Had to read it a few times, Shay, sp powerful I thought.
Lori said…
This feels like a sea shanty. He hears not his mother or his wife (?) but only his mistress...the ocean. And even on land it is the sea he feels beneath his feet.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that closing stanza!
robkistner said…
Sensual and alluring, this one Shay! I love the mythical touch of the Selkies — very engaging and enjoyable to read.
Susie Clevenger said…
Wow! Not sure what to say. I rode through so many emotions reading this, the women, the man...each with their own unique view. Amazing as always dear friend.
Margaret said…
Couldn't wait to see what tail you spun... and you sure delivered. Love the third stanza especially