In Age

In age, I dreamt myself a child again--
a blown leaf, my parents the wind.

Alone, I dreamt of family again--
my son a child, I rose and fell from the west.

Adored by a dog, I dreamt of dogs--
alive again, and my heart was calm.

In sleep, I dreamt of youth--
desire and sweetness came down from the hills.

In morning, leaves tap the sill--
dog and I raise our heads to the early breeze.

for Micro Poetry at Toads. "Fill the empty parts."


tonispencer said…
Dogs fill empty spaces so wonderfully. The opening lines I think are key to this. But a dog. A dog fixes everything, even deep sorrow.
Marian said…
Ah, this makes me feel some kind of way, as they say. Cat and I are raising our heads to the breeze right now
I adore this Shay. My dog is now 14, and I love him dearly. They make life so joyous.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
The memories are soothed and more bearable when one lives with a dog. This is so perfectly beautiful. I love it so much.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I love this journey of dreams and the beauty each one holds. Simply gorgeous poetry here Shay!!
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is beautiful, Shay. I adore the couplets, the mood of seasons past, and the comfort of present.
Cloudia said…
How lovely, mature, wistful, knowing, wondering, affecting... And yes autobiographical. Thank you for sharing yourselfAnd yes autobiographical. Thank you for sharing yourself
brudberg said…
I love the thought of filling the voids and dreaming of youth, and the dogs we have left (in my case it would be cats)
Dogs and dreams fill emptiness. Love this Shay!
Existentialism never sounded so peaceful. Loved. La la Mosk