Future Imperfect

A poem appeared, saying it was sent by the horizon.

Naked except for a hibiscus bloom in its hair, it danced upon a pile of old tires burning behind the strip mall.

"A signal fire," it said.
The smoke became blackbirds, their beaks a collective compass needle.
The poem was itself a flock.

Looking up, I said, "Curiosity killed the cat.
Satisfaction brought her back."

That was the last I saw of the poem,
but its hibiscus bloom hangs from a chain I wear on my wrist
like a false hand 
with a true ring
in lambent light that doesn't show the blood.

for Skylover Word List.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my god, the naked poem, dancing, the smoke that becomes blackbirds, the poem that was itself a flock.......you have outdone yourself. I am gobsmacked.
Helen said…
You are a brilliant poet. Your imagination knows no boundaries. I feel as gob-smacked as Sherry.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Woohooo! This gives me chills, like only the best poetry can. Also a huge grin, because that poetry bird is flying, dressed in the shimmer of its black wings, and we all wear the talisman, and hope for tomorrow.
Fireblossom said…
Thank you so much, ladies! The three of you have made my morning!!! :-)
hedgewitch said…
Goodness, Shay. I echo all the above--and want to state that I wrote my own creaky effort before reading yours, so "strip mall" is a pretty amazing example of synchronicity. This poem starts out very modestly, for something carrying a large double-headed axe in its conclusion, which left me breathless and also, looking over my shoulder...Heady stuff, my dear friend, and a vigorous example of how well you can write to your highest level spontaneously.
tonispencer said…
You have done it again fren, totally blew my mind. Your writing always amazes me. The tires burning behind the strip mall and the smoke becoming blackbirds...wow. Just simply, wow.
Fireblossom said…
Hedge--no surprise that we should be on the same wave length. Why we haven't achieved global domination yet is a mystery! I always love your thoughtful comments and I am so pleased you mentioned the easy beginning and the shiv at the end. Thanks, dear.

Toni-- thanks so much for the very kind words. I'm glad you liked the image of the smoke/blackbirds flying. After all, you are an ace at natural images.
. said…
"Naked except for a hibiscus bloom in its hair ..."

"but its hibiscus bloom hangs from a chain I wear on my wrist
like a false hand
with a true ring
in lambent light that doesn't show the blood"

This imagery is such a beautiful gut-punch.
Fireblossom said…
^^^poetic gut punches are good! Thanks.

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