Never been sinful.
Never been kissed.
Just violets and daisies
in my little fist.

Never been angry.
Never been rude.
Never been flippant.
Got that, dude?

Always been quiet,
devoted, demure.
Always been pious,
patient and pure.

Never been sorry
cos I never been wrong.
Understand that,
and we'll get along.

for Sunday Muse # 86.


Carrie Van Horn said…
One can not go through life never being kissed. LOL I love the rhyme mix you did with this Shay! It does seem that some people have their head too deep in the clouds to even see what they are doing. One that sure of themselves is usually sure of nothing. This was a very thought provoking photo for sure!! Always love your choices Shay!
Susan said…
Is the lady protesting too much? I tend to believe her "never" and her power. The Music is heady!
C. Sandlin said…
The steel under this--her fist, her never having been wrong--makes me thoroughly uneasy.
Margaret said…
This so could be a jump rope song!!! I adore the pace, the chosen, clever words. The sisters I knew were kind, funny, and had strength of character.
I bet she sometimes wishes she was a free woman to experience these things. It must be so hard for them as I imagine in my take on the prompt.

I love Vivaldi's Gloria
hedgewitch said…
Tongue firmly in cheek here--even in this little ditty you manage to point out some of the deeper fallacies and fancies of our lives, our egos...we've all met someone like this, possibly even been someone like this, and struggled with escaping that prison. The picture becomes very ambiguous, and very apt in light of that.
Susie Clevenger said…
Ummm.. I think I hear a bit of dark humor...The expectancy of appearance doesn't always bear witness to what's beneath. :)
Love the rhyming in this, Shay. Oh, to really be that sure of yourself!
Unknown said…
It seems like a Milarepa Poem !
I love it !

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