The Strobe Of Time

The strobe of time will knock your old stories right out of your mouth,
those laments and war stories you think you're made of.

The strobe of time dazzles you blind to anything not smack in front of you--
you'll smell oranges,
spin dizzy,
and slave yourself to the dance beat of

now now now now now now now now

at the Disco of Indeterminate Duration.

just some quick nonsense for Poets United: The Moment.


Margaret said…
So many people live their life thinking "what will people think of me..." Live their life by rigid rules, trying to leave a lasting epitaph ... but honestly, most people are forgotten - even those that remain famous or infamous for a time after they have died. Of course, there or those that spin untruths about who they are, what they have done... I love your "laments and war stories you think you're made of". In the end, we have hopefully lived the lives our way, in our understanding, for the benefit of our soul... We need to live in the "now" for that really is what we have.
Susan said…
Am I a slave to now now now? I am trying to live in the moment, but still hang on to my stories. Intriguing. Your poem seems to want me to dance to it.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE that dance beat of now now now now. At my age, "now" is finite and thus to be enjoyed. I love the idea of the strobe of time. I can see it, shimmering.
Sumana Roy said…
Time is all devouring. And what a miserable existence for the brainy creatures! It would be excellent if one could make a moment eternal. "strobe of time"-- Love this.
hedgewitch said…
Not sure how you can convey this much that is profound and true in so few words, and with such clarity and simplicity. You really nail that feeling of being dazed by the external while the world spins you like yarn from your scarcely realized experiences. The last line both cracked me up and made me think, one of the sure ways to tell this is the real deal, and some excellent writing.Dance like no one's watching, indeed.
Carrie Van Horn said…
This poem makes me dizzy with wonder on how you can write so profoundly and beautiful!!!! Wisdom served brilliantly!
"the Disco of Indeterminate Duration" - Great line in this spinning strobe.

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