Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dog Days

Hi, I am Bosco! I am Shay's dog! We are having a wonderful weekend! Mommy went out and bought me my busybones, which I get every morning and afternoon! Aunt Rachel started that, so thanks, Auntie Rach! Then we watched the baseball men for an inning until Mom got annoyed with their wet noodle bats, and so she read her book and I guarded her!

Later, Mom got all mushy and insisted on kissing me on my head. I went, "Help! Murder!" because I am a boy and don't go in for all that girly love junk. But I let her kiss me, cos it's my job to make her happy and stuff.

Mommy says that I am the handsomest, smartest, bravest, most wonderful boy ever! Well, DUH, Mom. She sings "My Guy" to me. I like that, even though her are a crappy singer! Me used to have a neat-o sister named Molly. Molly lives in Heaven now. Me needed to stay here and take care of Shay, cos she is all over the place without someone to point her the right direction, which I usually think is the kitchen! I just pretend she is a big two legged sheep and herd her! I love my Mom, and I am glad she is so loony over me, even though she gets all embarrassingly smoochy kissy at times.

I have to go now! Bye everybody!




Lou said...

Hi, Bosco. Virtual pat, pat to you.

Riot Kitty said...

Awwwwwww! Bosco, your mommy is right ;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Woof woof Bosco!

Mama Zen said...

Well done, Bosco!

pheromone girl said...

Bosco, I am heartily impressed by your typigin skills! Give your mommy one kiss back for me, ok, even though you think it's icky.

I have more tea to send your mom, too, and this time there will be busybones for you - good dog!

G-Man said...

And by a small quirk in your taste buds, he could have named Ovaltine!

Daryl said...

You are a sweet boy .. and the kissing, well its part of the being a sweet boy .. if I ever met you I would kiss your nose, so there!

Shadow said...

hey bosco, nice ta meet ya!!!! and i have the cutest little girl for you, looks kinda like you too, except a little girlyish... her name is lucy!

Shark Butt said...

Hey Fren Bosco, Foodchiks are really the best, we cannot tell them because they will get rebarrassed. Also, what up wif spelling everything like peeple?
How you teef?
have a happy day, your fren,

Pouty Lips said...

I know not what these busy bones are of which you speak with dog tongue but I bet they're yummy.