Monday, August 17, 2009


It is my pleasure to once again feature guest poet AnneEllen Foster, a woman of considerable and very original talent. Back on February first of this year, I featured her poem "The Rules", and this time I'm pleased to present her poem "Plaidbeard." Just follow the crowd of swooning women...


by AnneEllen Foster

I go to the circus in plaid taffeta

Pink and orange and turquoise blue

Against a fuscia field atop

A purple skirt and orange shoes

But nothing whatever underneath

Because there's a fine line between

Colorful and crackpot

And I like teetering

And she's out there somewhere

Anxious and hungry

The one who doesn't know

What hit her or what's coming next

Only that I claim everything

But want nothing

So I stick flags into her like DeSoto

And then sail away

The fact is I am less colonizer

Than merely a rank pirate

Come to claim the booty

Of all that was untouched

How do I get away with such pillage?

They don't expect a swashbuckler in taffeta

And never take arms against

A conquistador in orange shoes



Mama Zen said...

This is amazing! Which way is the crowd of swooning women heading? Where can I read more?

g-man said...

She's OK, but she's NO Fireblossom!

Riot Kitty said...

Great poem, but not as good as you. Sorry, just sayin'.

Scarlet said...

Hey, I liked it! Sneaky little thing, isn't she??

Fireblossom said...

MZ, what we really need to do is lure her into our shadowy twilight world of blogging and make her one of us! Bwahahaha.

I wonder if G-Man and RK would still be so sweet to me if I hadn't bribed them? ;-)

Yes, Scarlet, she has her ways, that seems clear!

Kay said...

hehehe, very entertaining :)

Shadow said...


Daryl said...

Oh she had with

"Because there's a fine line between

Colorful and crackpot

And I like teetering"

Been there and it was exhilarating ..

Joanna Jenkins said...

I like anyone in orange shoes :-)
Lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new voice.