Friday, September 9, 2011

St. Creola

St. Creola keeps canaries
and doesn't care if they crap on the
that's been rolled in here like coffins at a starting line.

St. Creola keeps cats
and that, dear little pie-eyed pilgrim,
keeps the birds from getting sedentary
or old.
another miracle of the beautiful St. Creola.

has rain afflicted your world until
great monsters leap from the guttering?
Does the devil
sleep with your girlfriend,
help herself to your make-up,
your feather bed,
and your little funky vintage Renault?

Tell St. Creola,
like she could care,
like the jelly buttered muffin would stop at her mouth
and she would say, her eyes filling with blessed tears,

sweet canary,
land here,
Today St. Creola has called the moving men,
so muscular that they ripple while standing still.
They will roll the coffins off the cliff at San Creola,
birthplace of Our Lady;
Honey, she will live forever,
as will her parasol,
as will all who love her,
cleansed in the spray of the coffins returning like swallows to the sea.

St. Creola is serene.
She offers her hand--
kiss it!
Tonight you will share her bed, and in the morning
sleep right through services.
Let your softness leave her boneless, beatific, even a little bruised;
certainly in no condition to notice how
when you pray now,
your gaze is always up
where the birds chirp and flutter
like excited virgins.


"Nothing is as vulnerable as entrenched success."


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

"Let your softness leave her boneless, beatific, even a little bruised" - such an exquisite phrase!

Love the stockings in the first pic, and the 2nd pic reminds me of the toilet tissue commercial where the rough replacement roll tossed to the guy shaves his head)

Lynn said...

Coffins at a starting line. That line is great.

hedgewitch said...

You know, occasionally I come across a religion I'd like to be able to believe in; I'm not sure if I'm ready for one this realistic, but I do like the way it rolls. The second stanza, the jelly butter muffin, and the cascading coffins make me feel just the teensiest bit unsure of whether St Creola would be listening to my prayers in quite the way I meant them. Another fine, surreal and mind-boggling piece.

Brian Miller said...

i would def believe in her...kinda like the parousel too as a symbol..she seems gentle enough and not minding shit on the couch is a plus...some really nice phraseology through out...

Marion said...

Fuckin' awesome writing, just awesome. I'm sure she lives in a hidden lair by the French Quarter and sells counterfeit voodoo dolls to unsuspecting tourists...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Hedgewitch said it - mind-boggling. I am boggled by your creative genius. I especially love "pie-eyed little pilgrim", and sending the coffins tumbling off the cliff. What a read this morning! First Joy's, now yours. I am already sated!

Lolamouse said...

This is one interesting saint! I might even like to keep an image of her on my dashboard, and I'm Jewish!

Sioux said...

I used to be a Joan of Arc groupie...You just gave me a more contemporary saint to follow.

Shay---Are you back for good?

Mama Zen said...

Image after beautiful image! Gorgeous writing, Shay. Truly.

Cloudia said...

HOW do you do it?

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Anonymous said...

"keeps the birds from getting sedentary
or old."

HA! LOVE that! actually, i love the entire poem. i'll go with mind-boggling, too. ♥

Scarlet said...

This one's pure genius, Shay...and the image is just perfect! You've set the mood, mi' I just need some moving men, the ones that "ripple when standing still." Yeah, that would be a perfect image as well! lol