The Clown

A poorly chosen joke is like an exploding clown--
At best too loud and
Unwelcome on the ear;
At worst a frightening portal
Through which chaos can gain entrance to the ordinary world,
Where innocents stand
With eyes as unwary as marshmallows.

Before telling any joke,
Have a dentist examine what you are about to say
With their little silver mirror.
Check nearby clocks for timing--
Talk to clergy about your motives--
Allow for windage.

Lastly, keep in mind how your failed joke may affect
Barely surviving circus acts,
And mimes.
Think of their families, living in squalor and shame,
Before you open your big fat pie hole
And let the clown out.


This is not for any prompt. I'm such a rebel. 

The picture is of silent film star Clara Bow.


Maude Lynn said…
I love every word of this. And, I hate clowns.
Daryl said…
With eyes as unwary as marshmallows. they'd better be wary of acrobats with flaming sticks!
Lynn said…
My niece Amanda is frightened of clowns and I can kind of see her point! Cool poem. :)
hedgewitch said…
Excellent poem--and commentary. One can only hope those for whom it's intended take heed--but then , clowns are not known for their sensitivity to others--just for dressing funny and making asses of themselves.
'frightening portal' really nails it.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"where innocents stand their eyes as unwary as marshmallows" is one of the most imaginative and original descriptions I have ever read. You are famous for original! I love the advice to have a dentist examine a remark before it is uttered. Love every line, last stanza is perfect. You rock, Fireblossom!
Brian Miller said…
fascinating as ever shay, your creative fingerprints all over it are a delight...but so isthe truth that our mouthes are WMDs and should be treated as such...
Most times, because of so much sadness within me due to my sensitivity to Life's cruelties and it's human component contributers to such, I spontaneously choose to say things just to make people laugh. Spontaneous humor toward human conditions and foibles just for the sake of making someone laugh or smile. My intentions are selfless and alruistic yet sometimes in retrospect may have been cruel in their mention. Eventually Life will avail a fairness and balance of intended consequences.

Wonderful creation Fireblossom. The clown maske does not fit my face.
Correction: 'altruistic', 'mask'
and the usage of 'selfless' and 'altruistic' in the same sentence was somewhat redundant, sorry.
Helen said…
That image .. oh that image! That second stanza .. how deliciously written. I love clowns!
the walking man said…
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Anonymous said…
clowns scare me.

you though, ms rebel without a prompt, inspire and delight! ♥
Lolamouse said…
"like an exploding clown..." I love that comparison!!! Perfection!