Monday, November 19, 2012


The Queen of the Vampires has her chin on the table and her hair up in a messy knot on top of her head.

Suddenly, she hisses bloodcurdlingly and shows her fangs.
Her eyes get big.
She turns her head from side to side.
"Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Her razor-sharp canines glint in the light of Danny's Coffee Shop.

Her opponent takes all of this in without so much as a blink, although he does flatten his ears.

Then he opens his mouth, and shows his own fangs,
looking about as threatening as a throw pillow.
It is the kitten Giuseppe Verdi.

"Oh please," says Denise the waitress, passing by.

Giuseppe Verdi launches himself at the Vampire Queen,
knocking her backwards in her chair
(or so she lets him think)
until she lands unceremoniously on the checkered floor of Danny's,
with the kitten on her chest, gloating.

"What are you two morons doing?" It is Chloe, all blonde hair and parole violations.
Gathering all of her dignity,
or as much as she can while lying on the floor with a kitten on her chest,
The Queen of the Vampires says,
"We are playing Leopard and Villager. I'm the villager."

Chloe smirks. "How come I've never seen you balance a basket on your head?"

"I could if I wanted. I just don't feel like it," sniffs the Vampire, snatching up Giuseppe Verdi and kiss-mugging him.
He allows this for a minute, then runs off.

"Borrrrrrrrrrrn freeeeeeeeee," screeches Chloe.
"Nice," says the QOTV. "You could kill a cheerleader at twenty paces with that voice."
"Do you really think so?" asks Chloe, pleased.

Just then, the little bell above the door rings,
and the Dark-Haired Chick walks in.
She is immediately pounced upon by a large black blur,
which turns out to be the QOTV in black panther form.
Taking the Chick in her jaws, the QOTV drags her into a booth.

"Wtf?" says the Dark-Haired Chick.
"You're the Villager," explains the Succubus,
sitting at her favorite spot in the corner.
"Just go with it."

It's a typical Monday night at Danny's Coffee Shop.
Try the mocha cappuccino.
When God makes one,
She always sneaks Giuseppe Verdi a little bit of whipped cream.


Margaret said...

So the QOTV does have a weakness. Kittens and dark haired chicks. Perhaps I won't return to being a blond afterall. :) Glad little Giuseppe Verdi gets a bit of whipped cream : )

HermanTurnip said...

Love me these Danny's Coffee Shop posts. The clientele is much more interesting than Danny's real life counterpart.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A PURR-fect bedtime tale just before I climb into bed. I so love your stories.

Sioux said...

I agree with Sherry. This is a perfect piece to read before retiring...At least I think so.

(I might have some weird dreams--or will they be dreams?--tonight.)

hedgewitch said...

All the dark images of the psyche that are the strangely reversing patrons of Danny's show their true colors in this-- in the poet's mirror that reveals that some horrors are not two dimensional, but so multifaceted that they are, in and out of our disguises, and more than willing to share the whip cream. The kitten Guiseppe Verdi is still my all time fave at Danny's, but don't tell the Succubus. I hear she is very close to the incubus community, and I wouldn't want that getting out to certain fiends.

Mama Zen said...

"all blonde hair and parole violations."

I just love that!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! "Just go with it." priceless!

you know i'mma lovin' your DCS poems!