Tuesday, December 3, 2013

angel for brick birds

i'm an angel for brick birds,
and a healer for the crack-toothed cats who catch them.
i'm a tall-shelf girl with the boardinghouse reach,
fetching orphans each a blanket and an anthem.

i stitch long blue feathers for my brick birds' backs,
and dog star tails when they fan them.
my oven bakes the bricks til they're light as morning mist,
then the ashes circle sun and moon in tandem.

i'm a weekday angel
whistling for the wrong,
the bruised, the broken,
the disowned in the dawn;

i mix a sweet healing balm,
turn the jar into a song,
roll it out into the street
and then i'm gone.

written for Magpie Tales #196, and dedicated to Kelli and Joy, who both like it when I rhyme.


HermanTurnip said...

You do more good than most. Can we nominate you for sainthood?

Great piece!

Sam Edge said...

Gotta heal those crack toothed cats Shay

Anonymous said...

There Mother Nature and here's Mama Human Nature, tending to the heart's chillen. The weave is like an ornate singing-coat inlaid with a blues guitar on the back. Sweet. - brendan

TexWisGirl said...

'i'm a tall-shelf girl with the boardinghouse reach'

some days i just marvel at you.

hedgewitch said...

Rhyme at its most perfect, combining form, spirit and function. *swoons* The vision here is so idiosyncratic, yet so universal--the first stanza knocked me back, and then while I was laying cross-eyed and dazed, you stomped me with the rest of it, each line, each couplet more penetrating and more simply beautiful than the last.

*takes keyboard and turns it into decoupage*

Just exquisite, Shay.

Helen said...

OK! This breathtaking ....

Daryl said...

me too tho it dont matter if you dont .. you still weave a lovely involving tale

Anonymous said...

Oy! Just drop that brick on my head whydoncha. Yeah, you do rhyme well. I also marveled at that tall-shelf girl line. sheesh. ~

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Love your words. Wish I could think so beautiful.
Anna :o]

Sara said...


While I liked this poem (as usual), it felt like two different poems speed-wise.

The first two verses read slower, like the deep part of a river. They made me pay attention to the words, like "crack-toothed" cats,"tall-shelf" girl," "brick birds backs" and dog star tails.'

The third and fourth were more like the lyrics of a song -- they tripped and danced quickly like fast moving water.

Hey, that's my take, but I did enjoy the read and I also like when you rhyme:~)

Poet Laundry said...

Count me in among those that like it when you rhyme. Stellar, Shay.

Truedessa said...

I enjoyed this I too, felt the shift between stanza's the 3rd one is def my favorite and does have a lyrical
feel and I'm always up for some rhyming.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love it...."and then I'm gone."

Michael said...

I wonderful weaving of thought and rhyme.

Sioux said...

But Sioux DOESN'T like it when you rhyme ('cause she's jealous like that).

Mama Zen said...

I LOVE this!

G-Man said...

Always magnificent with nothing to edit.
I'm sure it's cool, but I don't get it!

Tess Kincaid said...

Lots of yummy word texture here...always nice to see you at Magpie!

myinnerchick.com said...


Less is always more.

You. Are. More. x