Doing Dishes

There's letters in the box
and crows upon gate.
The boys stayed out there playing ball
until it got too late.
I'll wash these dishes if you'll stay and dry them.
I saw them years ago and thought I'd buy them.
Here's that book,
you take it, I don't need it.
I fall asleep 
each time I try to read it. 
Remember that old grill Dad had forever?
And how he loved that crazy Irish Setter?
There's letters in the box
and crows upon the gate.
The boys stayed out there playing ball
until it got too late.
One fall you almost married whats-his-name
til Joe took you walking in the rain.
Things work out
and every leaf stretches toward the light.
The boys are all in Bobby's room, 
your old one on the right.

My best *Jane* Prine  impression, for "Summer's End" HERE.



tonispencer said…
I like this better than the Prine song. There is a nostalgia in it without being sappy. The old memories, the boys playing, the walk in the rain... great poem and great take on the song. You didn't re-write the song or channel it as do most people do with music prompts. I like this a lot. Have I said I like it better than the original?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this a lot. The crow, the gate, the boys playing out too late.
robkistner said…
This has a warmth and tenderness that is utterly charming Shay. Love the way it bounces and rhymes, comfortable and welcoming!! Like it!
Brendan said…
You're an accomplished enough poet to know well how to "Jane" Prine a John song--intertextuality, no matter how you might cuss the word, is such an important part of the weave. For me the accomplishment is reading deeply a heart and making your own home with it. Extra points for finding a space between music video and song. Here the speaker takes on the burden of the video yet is more married to the cost of time. Anyhoo, great stuff.
Marian said…
Oh Shay, this is just wonderful. I can see that crazy Irish setter in particular, and the way he loved it.

I left a long comment for you over in the Garden yesterday but was having big problems and it got eaten. Am so glad you came for this prompt! I couldn't agree more, John Prine is a damn treasure. I saw yesterday that he is planning a tour, which is so great! He has been through so much health-wise. xo
Oh! But this is so lovely. And a fantastic cadence as well.
Helen said…
The tone and spirit of your poem are universal in scope ... I sank into it and did not want to leave. Go Blues! Boston too greedy.
brudberg said…
This is so deep with nostalgia... so many memories and the sense of so much lost even if the room is still there... reminds me of visiting the house I grew up in...
Kerry O'Connor said…
You have captured the melancholy tone perfectly!
Sioux Roslawski said…
John Prine... One of my favorites.
Margaret said…
the rhymes are intriguing and this is musical and wonderfully depicts memories... I wash dishes and daydream / remember ... my mind skits to and fro like this. Loved it.
Maude Lynn said…
I love it, Jane!
Carrie Van Horn said…
The rhyme in this is wonderful Shay! What I was going to say Margaret already said. Doing dishes does seem to be a time of thought and reflection, and this poem captured that so brilliantly!