In The Silent Hour

in the silent hour
indigo of night sky
through branches of walnut and mulberry
full moon shines on
my dog as he wanders
while i stand hugging myself, waiting, watching
while i stand hugging myself, waiting, watching
my dog as he wanders
full moon shines on
through branches of walnut and mulberry
indigo of night sky
in the silent hour. 

for the Wednesday Muse--night sky.

There must surely be a name for this type of poem. Anyone know what it is?


Sherry Blue Sky said…
A palindrome, I believe. And ha! I comment three minutes after you post, that is how keen I am. LOL. This is full of beautiful imagery.
Fireblossom said…
A palindrome, if I'm not mistaken, has to read the same backward or forward. In this poem, the lines are reversed but the individual words are not. So, still not sure.

3 minutes! You are speedy, my friend.
Carrie Van Horn said…
Wow...palindrome!! I love the "indigo of night sky"....the night sky does have an affect on us all. Sweet....i love it!
tonispencer said…
Oh I love this. The indigo of night...that blue hour. And what a neat form. I can just picture Zacky wandering under the full moon.
'The most commonly used Categories of palindrome are given here:

Character by Character
Name Palindrome
Word Palindrome
Number Palindrome
Line-unit Palindrome
Word-unit Palindrome'

Yours must be a line-unit Palindrome.

Gorgeous poem anyway.
hedgewitch said…
Whatever form this is, it is one I can understand, a dirge that isn't quite a dirge because somehow it also celebrates. I've read your last three poems, including your lovely blues story, which reads more like a novel, compressed into a few living and breathing images--how the past can live and breathe is something only real poets know and transmit--but I like this one best, with its quality of peace and bone-deep acceptance. Your April 'farewell tour' has produced so many gems--and I know you will always somehow catch another star in your net. Toads has been graced with many bright lights in its course, but yours is the one that will always shine for me. Thank you Shay, for believing in your gift, through all the darkest times, and never letting that light go out.
Marian said…
Love it, Shay. It's damn hard to write a poem in his form with all the repetition without it becoming trite and annoying. I like the hugging yourself line repeated in the middle.