I'm Not Waiting For You

I'm not waiting for you--
I'm just a still spot in a moving world.
I'm a headlight on a night road--
a moving object in a large stillness.

I'm not the same as I was
this morning, last week, or last year,
but my name is the same, and I still get my mail
general delivery, from the old clerk or the new.

See the sky? It doesn't care
if we kiss or turn our separate ways.
I'm not waiting for you,
but I'm here just the same,

seeming still but always in motion
like stars, like wheels, like a heart beating softly to itself.

for Sunday Muse #56


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ack! Only you can write words I feel without having known I was feeling them until I read them. This it It. Exactly.
Powerful stuff ~ powerful gal and powerful bike.
hedgewitch said…
Some things just are, and this poem is an exercise in the light and shadow of being.
tonispencer said…
Still the same still moving? The last two stanza are both poems to themselves. Wow.
C. Sandlin said…
And that is how you write a force of nature. :)
First of all, I love her attitude. Second: I used to have a boyfriend that sang this song to me. Wow, what a trip back in time!
robkistner said…
This kicks ass Shay. The independence is strong, but the camaraderie is not denied to anyone who can keep pace. Love this!
Susie Clevenger said…
Love, love this.. I feel melancholy and boldness in it. The world turns and doesn't care how we I feel about it. I could be waiting and still moving on..Ironic isn't it? Or, I could be moving on faster than the world would have me do it. Your poems always get me.
Vivian Zems said…
I love the stillness - I love the motion. And still that defiance - excellent, Shay!
Mama Zen said…
Like Vivian, I love the stillness. This feels eternal.
iamthewalrus said…
Nice depiction of the girl's lack of need to give into him
Carrie Van Horn said…
Spectacular and lovely! You have said it like no other poet could have Shay! Life keeps moving on no matter what we are left to face. There is a sad feel in this but filled with acceptance, and that makes it so wonderful!
The self love and confidence is breathtaking!
TheRustGeek said…
whether by choice or not, we keep changing and moving.. nicely done!
signed...bkm said…
I'm not waiting for you,
but I'm here just the same,

nice...a sense of wanting to know if she comes back...bkm

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