Space Invader

I walk in and, once again
the bedding is all in a Close Encounters Of The Third Kind mountain
at the foot of the bed. 

I point at my dog.
"What did you DO?" I don't really mean it, but he
takes me seriously and curls all sorrowful.
"Baby," I say, "Noooo. Mama's not mad."

I sit on the bed I've only had since November
(beds are expensive),
take his little face between my hands and smile.
I am so grateful for a nice place to sleep and for
a sweet dog-friend to muss it.
"I kissa you face," I tell him softly, and then I do, and he wags.
Little mischief maker,
I love you so. 

for Wordy Thursday

Zacky Peanut sleeps with me every night and is quiet as a bug--though he IS a bed hog. Every time I move over a little, he claims the space and eventually has me on the edge with his little self getting all the rest!  But during the day he likes to go in there and do one of two things: either he lays his head adorably on the pillow and has a nice nap, OR he digs at the covers until they are all in a pile at the end of the bed. Why? Who knows.


I have a Zachy who does the same thing. :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
He is likely seeking misplaced bones. LOL. I ADORED this moment! Of course. I miss living with dogs so much. The greatest comfort in the world. Lovely to see you at Toads today, my friend.
brudberg said…
You cannot blame a dog for anything... it's the nature of dogs to be friends like this.
Ron. said…
I had a dog once...Delicious!!
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh, this makes me miss my Lucy, but I am so thankful you have your sweet bed scrambler to keep you company.
Margaret said…
Melts my heart... I think we were on the same wave length today! :) Bless his big heart - and you made him cower into the blankets! But they always forgive us.

Dogs dig. It's in their nature.
Sioux Roslawski said…
Shay--Does he sleep on the mountain? (Perhaps he's making a "nest" for himself.) Or does he sleep on the sheet, with the mountain off to the side? (Maybe he is cooler on the sheet, without the cover/comforter/quilt on the bed.)

A dog in a great home... There's no better life.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I have a similar conversation on a daily basis with my Great Dane, Harley Quin.. though she is a bit more of a bed hog!
Someone once told me that the love of a dog is about as close to the unconditional love of God that we'll ever have in this lifetime. I'm inclined to agree. La la Mosk
What a beautiful moment! I adore my little Ricky Bobby (AKA Bubba-LOL). Dogs are the best.
robkistner said…
This is so full of love and honesty. I love this Shay! Great piece - and damn, do I relate! :-) I have a little Shih Tzu named Edgrrr. He was the runt mutt of the pedigree litter. Nobody wanted him, but I love him intensely. He is so damned mellow, and friendly, and playful, and loving. He steals my heart every morning - then he steals my socks...
Carrie Van Horn said…
The most awesome space invader ever! My dog does the same thing. He wants to be right up against me most of the time.
Angie said…
I kissa you face. I love doggie talk
Mr. Walker said…
Lovely - completely reminds us of our dog, who we've had for less than a year. She sleeps with us, too - and our boys. She shares her love. And that moment when you speak and the dog reacts - such a true moment.
signed...bkm said…
The face of a dog held in high regard is worth more than an expensive bed or and expensive lover...bkm
Marian said…
Beds ARE expensive! Bedding is expensive! But still... your companion, priceless.
This week my cat had a litterbox incident that made a fucking mess. I mean, gross. But all I could do was kissa her face because what else is there to do? Kiss kiss.